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Trip: March 2011

There are [13] stories from my trip: March 2011

April 29 - Heading Home

JORDAN | Friday, 29 Apr 2011 | Views [530]

Today marks the end of my four month journey and the beginning of a new chapter.  More details on that will be coming in the next post.  Glad I had the morning and afternoon free to watch the wedding between Will & Kate on TV.  Very beautiful.  ... Read more >

April 21 - Hanging out in Petra

USA | Friday, 22 Apr 2011 | Views [578]

I am in Jordan enjoying the daily view of Petra!  How blessed I am to be here and staying with a big Jordanian family.  I am turning into Bedouin Becky with sleeping on the ground, eating from one huge platter with the family where we all sit on the ... Read more >

April 2 - Hello Petra

JORDAN | Sunday, 3 Apr 2011 | Views [543]

For the next month or so Petra will be my home base while I help a friend at his travel agency.  Seven years ago in the month of April was the first time I came to Jordan and I never thought then I would be back several times.  Today was my first day ... Read more >

March 25 - Farewell Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Friday, 25 Mar 2011 | Views [406]

Somewhere I read, "eat when it is time to eat, and move along when it is time to move along".  If I didn't have a flight out tomorrow I would probably linger in Cambodia a bit longer because, one, I like it here and, two, if you can believe ... Read more >

March 23 - My birthday present to myself

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 23 Mar 2011 | Views [463]

My birthday started out special with watching the sunrise and reading a birthday card from a friend.  Nice to have at least one card to read on "the day". After a long, and quiet morning reading and working on my journal, I decided to ... Read more >

March 21 - Otres Beach, Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Monday, 21 Mar 2011 | Views [504]

Exited Kampot today for the beaches of Sihanouk Ville.  While Kampot was OK, I never did find the charm, I thought to go to the sea to spend my last few days before wrapping up my 3 month tour.  I pleased to report the beach I am staying at, Otres Beach, ... Read more >

March 19 - Kozy Kep and Kool Kampot, Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 19 Mar 2011 | Views [427]

Today I left Kep at 10:45am and arrived in Kampot at 11:30am.  Kampot is a bigger town located a few kilometers up the estuary on the banks of the Prek Kampong Bay river and was established as the main port town in the late 1800s.  It remained so until ... Read more >

March 11 - Crazy Saigon

VIETNAM | Saturday, 12 Mar 2011 | Views [410]

Between Lonely Planet and other people telling us to "cross with care", we wondered how bad is the traffic in Siagon.  Well, it can be intimidating for sure with a gazillion motorbikes mixed with cars and buses not following any kind of road ... Read more >

March 7 - Sapa

VIETNAM | Monday, 7 Mar 2011 | Views [403]

Sapa is known for its dramatic scenery.  The mountain sides are covered with rice paddies and this area is home to many hill tribes.  The elevation is about 5000 feet but with the dense fog and raw weather, my impression was more of a base camp feel.... Read more >

March 7 - Food

VIETNAM | Monday, 7 Mar 2011 | Views [391]

Thailand is known for their food and I was happy eating my way through the streets and food courts.  Laos also had dishes made with rice or noodles either in soup form or fried.  I started noticing in Laos when I had the big bowls of soup, I had reactions.... Read more >

March 7 - What it Takes to Recover Stolen Goods

VIETNAM | Monday, 7 Mar 2011 | Views [663]

Time and Money! Last week after the incident the following took place: file a police report (need translator for sure - the manager from the hotel was most kind and giving me a lift to the station on the back of his motorbike and helping me out) ... Read more >

February 28 - No Ordinary Day: Handbag Stolen

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 1 Mar 2011 | Views [517]

What started off as an ordinary day changed drastically at 12:45pm in a matter of 60 seconds.  Most likely less than that when the actual crime of grabbing the handbag probably only took 10 seconds, if that. They say people have an outer body experience ... Read more >

February 26 - The Vibe of Hanoi

VIETNAM | Saturday, 26 Feb 2011 | Views [684]

There is a vibe around Hanoi and particualry around Hoan Kiem Lake bordering the Old Quarter.  People are up early here, except the night manager at my guest house where the front door remained locked until I finally had to make a wake up call.  I didn't ... Read more >