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trust, love, and the unknown Ongoing with no expected outcome!

The extremes and randomnesses of India

USA | Saturday, 3 Jan 2009 | Views [252]

Just to try to give anybody an idea of the crazyness and beauty of India Kurtis and I started to create a list that paints a picture through random notes and thoughts and happenings: The India Way: Pizza on Christmas for Lunch Rusty old shair with ... Read more >

Varanasi - Until Death do us part:)

USA | Thursday, 1 Jan 2009 | Views [361] | Comments [1]

The long awaited fairytale story.... It was christmas morning and Kurtis and I woke up at 5:30 and crawled out of our mosquito net cozy bed to find our way down to the Ghats. We planned to have a sunrise boatride on Christmas morning....and Suspiciously ... Read more >

Varanasi -

USA | Monday, 29 Dec 2008 | Views [175]

There is a certain awwww to Varanasi that is really hard to explain. The moment we finally arrived we knew we wanted to stay longer. We extended our visit a week and after a few days moved to a small little guesthouse that was back to the basic ammedities.... Read more >

This Train is Bound to Glory

USA | Monday, 29 Dec 2008 | Views [224]

The city of Varanasi is the most incredible place I have ever been. I have to say I am relieved that it was because after the 26 hour train ride I was a little fragile to say the least. The most momentus part of the trainride had to be when we started ... Read more >

Easing in - Kolkutta Style

USA | Friday, 26 Dec 2008 | Views [492]

Fortunately in the intensity of an India city Kolcutta has a nice little backpacker/traveler bubble will you feel like you are part of a little neighborhood with your basic needs and comforts readily available. Sutter St. not only offers a variety of ... Read more >

Welcome Home

USA | Friday, 26 Dec 2008 | Views [7186]

It has been a week since Kurtis has arrived and there are sooo many stories and visions to share. First and foremost I am so lucky to be marrying a man who travels accross the world to see me and just throws himself into the fire to be with me and Kolkatta ... Read more >

Ladies and gentleman.......India!!!

USA | Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008 | Views [243] | Comments [2]

For the third time I changed my plans to arriving (based on anxiety and procatination or waiting for the perfect situation) in Kalcutta and joined Mindy on a jeep and a busride. The thought of traveling with someone into the city was way more appealing.... Read more >

Part 3 Bright Hearts

USA | Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008 | Views [258]

My times in Sikkim brought me to small villages such as Yuksom and Namchi and even smaller Kitam. To make a long story short after traveling for severl hours in a jeep to Namchi I called a friend of a friend and the next thing you know I was so kindly ... Read more >

Part 2 - Sikkim Smiles

USA | Sunday, 14 Dec 2008 | Views [285] | Comments [1]

Someone told me yesterday that Sikkim originally came from a word that means land of smiles. I am not sure if it is because of the altitude, the local millet alcohol or the views but it is true in general the people here are very kind and very happy.... Read more >

Catching Up..Part 1 - one more sip of tea

USA | Sunday, 14 Dec 2008 | Views [250]

There has been so much time since I wrote last. The full moon and the soon arrival of Kurtis has refreshed me and inspired me to finally sit down and write……I hope to paint a good picture of all I have seen and experienced Part 1 The Remains of Darjeeling The ... Read more >

Post Office - A day event

USA | Monday, 1 Dec 2008 | Views [206]

Well I kept hearing about the process it takes to mail something from India and hearing rumors about wax and cloth and thread but had to do it myself and see and lucky Gretchen gets to be the reciever! So I trek down to the office with things inside ... Read more >

Small World

USA | Monday, 1 Dec 2008 | Views [205]

OK so in 2 hours I have had such crazy coincidences that illustrate what keeps happening to me all over the world. I was talking to a girl who is moving to Boulder in January we figured out in 10 minutes and then right next to me right now is a ... Read more >

A Sip Of Tea and Good Company

USA | Monday, 1 Dec 2008 | Views [236]

The town of Darjeeling is a gem tucked away in India filled with good people, beautiful mountain sights, monkeys, momos and of course tea. After my adventure here I found many things to do in this little area that many say is not really Inida. One of ... Read more >

Gallery: From the TOP!!!

USA | Monday, 1 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Road to India - previews to coming attractions

USA | Thursday, 27 Nov 2008 | Views [371] | Comments [3]

Oh my....i think i will be writing my own story soon of traveling through India, (i hear SOO many stories)but first getting there: what an introduction. The riverside hotel sent me East through Nepal to get to Darjeeling: a great and easy  introduction ... Read more >


USA | Thursday, 27 Nov 2008 | Views [347]

SO I have a new love - ELEPHANTS what amazing animals. So sweet and gentle and big a soft and sly and mysterious!!! They are just full of love and I cant wait to spend time with them again...hopefully in India and maybe one day Africa:) I took another ... Read more >

Nepal Highlights and other random moments

USA | Thursday, 27 Nov 2008 | Views [179]

in no special order as they are all unique  Monkey Temple when i learned Colorado is a "Bad Word" in Nepali...confirmed on the trek. On the trek when we were above the clouds in a lodge watching the clouds come up between the mountains and ... Read more >

Other Bits and Pieces

USA | Friday, 21 Nov 2008 | Views [203]

I got to see a Nepalese folks festival. I couldnt believe it though nobody was dancing - execpt for me on the side of course with some children. Beautiful dances and costumes and music from nepal, africa, india. SOOOOOOO incredible. Went to Bhaktipur ... Read more >


USA | Thursday, 20 Nov 2008 | Views [400]

I am sitting here at the internet cafe nursing my poor legs and feet back to health. The 9 days of trekking was the hardest physical thing I have ever done in my life...snd all through it and after it I still cant believe that i did it. I trekked to ... Read more >

So much to do so little time to write:)

USA | Monday, 10 Nov 2008 | Views [413]

Tomorrow I am heading off on a Trek to the Johmson Trail. After a lot of pondering and talking to other travelors I decided to venture on my own for this. I know this will be a great adventure for me on many levels (dont worry i will be safe) so here ... Read more >

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