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The extremes and randomnesses of India

USA | Saturday, 3 January 2009 | Views [261]

Just to try to give anybody an idea of the crazyness and beauty of India Kurtis and I started to create a list that paints a picture through random notes and thoughts and happenings: The India Way:

Pizza on Christmas for Lunch

Rusty old shair with no one in it on top of a tin roof building facing the Taj Mahal With the successful Hotel Kamal on the right and a broken puzzle piece bright blue turquoise building on the left

White people in advertisements

Fresh slaughtered goats hanging with live goats sitting underneath eating leaves

Magnificecent magical colroaful kites flying in the sky conencted to children on top of roofs while bodies are burning below

Filthy Sloppy dressed men and dazzling beautifully dressed women

Lonely Planets "Best" is usually the worst

Children playing cricket on the roof top

Beautifully bright colored Sarees drying next to the most polluted river in the world

People wearing any shoe that fits

I have good luck in India: confirmed when I stepped in a pile of Cow Dung - squish...hmmmm

A Million Dollar palace surrounded by poverty

Everything is wrapped in newspaper when you buy it - in the north

Sweets - all shapes, sizes, and colors...all taste the same

Indians sleep when they want...even on your shoulder on the crowded bus

Fog in the AM and blue skies in the PM

Electrical wires in a spaggeti cluster means broadband internet

Being uncomfortable being the only white person in the train station and then being uncomfortable being with a group of white people.

Many kites many birds

Filthy drinking water and yummy food

Terrible service, White SMiles, and great outfits

Trees growing around and through buildings

Burning bodies and litter of puppies

4:30 wake up call at the Mosques over a GIANT sound system while sleeping in a 4 star hotel

4 star = 1 star, 5 minutes = 1/2 hour, express = slow

Horns and music and the constant question "would you like...." goes well with the silence of the wind

Trainstations are homes to children gangs

INdian people look at you with monkey stares, bobbled heards, and like to have staring contests - we are the tourist attraction

Airport was a nice break -spent 8 hours there

Seeing lines in the road in delhi - first time in 4 onths

head tilt to the side means; yes, hello, ok, i see you

everything is half assed and incomplete: newly made bathroom with the tile stickers still on them or the gauk still on the wall

No stepping on rats

In US dogs beg; In India people beg

Only 1/2 the menue is available

Nobody has change

ANd everybody is happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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