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trust, love, and the unknown Ongoing with no expected outcome!

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My friends call me LJ (Short for Love and Joy, )and my family and Love calls me Jennifer. My days are filled with laughter, music, dance, meditation, people, conversation, children, walking, health, healing, spirit, sunshine, good food, and respect for the great mysteries of life.

I decided to take this trip after I was coming to the end of a few big "milestones": Earning my Master's Degree and passing on the Nonprofit Community Preschool I founded 5 years ago.

While enjoying this wild ride I call my life I have been blessed to be surrounded by many teachers, healers and loving people. I live in a beautiful place that provides space for me to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. I have come to believe that everybody has a light of love in them, that the universe will take care of me, that I attract what is inside of me, we are all connected, I create my world and the importance to surrender to the unknown. I truly love experiencing the magic of the world we live in and I am endlessly grateful for all those who are in my cosmic community!

Many people ask me what I hope to gain from this trip or why I am doing it. It is hard for me to put intuitions and unknowns into words. And it would be difficult to map out all the serendipitous events and signs that the universe provided to point me in this direction. I am grateful for my awareness and willingness to proceed on the path laid out for me. In short..... I listened to my heart!

I do know though that I grow the most when my world is shaken up, when I sit in raw emotion, when I leap into the unknown, when I go towards my fears, when I hurt, when I love and when I am open and willing to receive from others. So with that in mind I can only hope to grow my spirit which will in turn guide me to be a better friend, provider, lover, server, mother and human.

I ask that my friends and family send out positive thoughts, prayers, and support for my journey. Know that my wisdom, intuition, kindness and awareness will keep me safe. Please embrace the feeling of excitment for my adventure and the inspiring events that are to come. I will try my best to keep you posted on my journey through this travel blog.

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