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Dancing at the Pakistan Border

USA | Monday, 23 Mar 2009 | Views [616]

Normal 0 My last day in Amritsar I went to the Pakistan Border. Each day the border has a closing ceremony that is set up for a large audience to see. I went with 8 Indians and on the way stopped at a bizarre Hindu temple that ... Read more >

Amritsar - a slice of heaven

USA | Monday, 23 Mar 2009 | Views [744]

Normal 0 My last new place to explore on my trip was Amritsar. This place is famous for it’s golden temple built by the Sikhs and a close proximity to the Pakistan border. I have seen the temple in Bollywood movies and have heard ... Read more >

From Turbans to Tibetans

USA | Wednesday, 11 Mar 2009 | Views [551]

There was something about McLeod Ganj that made me want to stay nestled in the mountains and learn and interact as much as I could. In a weeks time I found myself filled with events and inspiring happenings that could keep me in McLeoud for many more ... Read more >

Back to the Mountains: McLeod Ganj

USA | Sunday, 8 Mar 2009 | Views [741]

   The next destination point for me was Dharamsala, or even more specific McLeod Ganj , home of the Dalai Llama. I took a night bus out of Pushkar to Delhi, tried to make friends with Delhi again, and then got on another night bus up to McLeod Ganj, ... Read more >

One more Pushkar Tale

USA | Sunday, 8 Mar 2009 | Views [581]

- of course, as always I have to add one more story from my last entry, Pushkar. One night when Gara and I were walking home, after a fantastic meal of fresh spinach ravioli (really!) the place next door to our lodge had the most unique sound of music ... Read more >

Still Catching Up....Pushkar

USA | Saturday, 7 Mar 2009 | Views [645]

I can’t Believe that I am back in the US!!!! I worry that soon my memories will start to slip away so I am going to try to spend my first few days back writing a bit...next stop Pushkar...wait...a few quick notes about Bundi, a little on the rougher ... Read more >


USA | Wednesday, 25 Feb 2009 | Views [803] | Comments [1]

Bundi is described in the lonely planet as a tiny little indian village that you wished you just happened to stumble upon....well i have a theory that lonely planet is ruining the world...but anyway it is a much quieter, quainter, mellower place then ... Read more >


USA | Wednesday, 18 Feb 2009 | Views [769]

Well with 45 minutes left until i leave for the bus i'll try to finish up Rajisthan - edit later:) I left Jodphur on a bus to Utaipur (i think) on my own and Gara was meeting me ion a day. I arrived in Udaipur with not much sleep and for a change i ... Read more >

Next stop Jodphur

USA | Wednesday, 18 Feb 2009 | Views [398]

Right now I am in Delhi after a 12 hour or so busride. Later today i am getting a bus - 12 hrs - to Dharamsala. I am back in Delhi a little refreshed, with a good attitude and ready to face it although i decided instead of working my way through the ... Read more >

Rajisthan - take 6

USA | Sunday, 15 Feb 2009 | Views [788] | Comments [1]

I'll edit later: first have to make sure it gets saved So much time has passed since i have last written - and my last entry got  erased TWICE  - but i know when  i return to the US it will be harder  to recreate in words all that i have experienced ... Read more >

Delhi - Sweet and Sour

USA | Friday, 30 Jan 2009 | Views [563] | Comments [1]

I only have a few minutes until i get ready to hop on a train to Rajistan...but SO MUCH has happened in Delhi ; good bad hard magical and ugly - that i have to put it all somewhere before a new place comes into my mind and world - editing later i arrived ... Read more >

Ft. Kochi: Short and Sweet

USA | Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009 | Views [673]

Ft. Kochi is a simple place and goes along well with Kerala's laid back environment that is built around tourism . When I arrived here after a neasy going -figure out the train - experience I find a cute little room/homestay/guestlodge and made my ... Read more >

Kovalam post Kurtis - some things worth mentioning

USA | Sunday, 25 Jan 2009 | Views [610]

I admit I was very sad when Kurtis left - my heart felt like it was ripped out when he turned away and got into the rickshaw. Kovalam was a place to regroup, nurse a cold, and have a few moments to remind me of the magic of India and the wonders of traveling ... Read more >

A few random notes about India....

USA | Friday, 23 Jan 2009 | Views [497]

before I head back out into the real India world When you order food expect to have a plate for every item, glass, all your 8 pieces of silver wear, and you napkins too. Going to see a bollywood film is an adventure in itself. Kurtis and I found ourselves ... Read more >

to the tip and back

USA | Thursday, 22 Jan 2009 | Views [646]

After a day or 2 of rest in Kovalam beach...where you actually see some Indians, we decided to take a trip to the tip of India to have one more adventure before Kurtis leaves. Here the Bengal Bay, Arabian Sea, and the Indian ocean meet. It is a place ... Read more >

The most Unique Birthday EVER

USA | Wednesday, 21 Jan 2009 | Views [673]

Kurtis and I set foot on our new home for 2 days. A nice looking "rice barge" boat that came equipped with a open aired eating area, TV, steroe, two decks, a nice bedroom (best decorated one yet), bathroom, and 3 Indian men: the captain, the ... Read more >

Making our way to the cruise

USA | Wednesday, 21 Jan 2009 | Views [630]

Hmmm...lots of catching up to do now that Kurtis has left ;( I have some time to reflect and write and resettle into traveling alone. After spending a few days at the beach and moving homes to more piece and quiet (Varkala has turned a little into ... Read more >

Kerala - varkala beach

USA | Wednesday, 7 Jan 2009 | Views [527]

Kurtis and I took a 15 hour busride from Pondicherry to Trivandrum in a "luxurious" bus...we got the last sleeper! A nice soft bed with windows on the top looking out at the world of India passing by. We got on and got to see the sunset and ... Read more >

Taj Mahal

USA | Saturday, 3 Jan 2009 | Views [426]

It seems so long ago but definitly worth noting that the Taj Mahal was an out of this world site. Kurtis and I went at sunrise and wandered around the back sides as we watched the clouds and fog fade and lift and unveil this intrically built building ... Read more >

Happy New Years!!!!!!

USA | Saturday, 3 Jan 2009 | Views [668]

OK so things always happen in the most random ways and of course for a reason. After 24 hours of traveling that included delayed trains and planes from Agra to Pondicherry; Kurtis and I met a guy name troy on our final 3 hour busride to Pondicherry. ... Read more >

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