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Delhi - Sweet and Sour

USA | Friday, 30 January 2009 | Views [454] | Comments [1]

I only have a few minutes until i get ready to hop on a train to Rajistan...but SO MUCH has happened in Delhi ; good bad hard magical and ugly - that i have to put it all somewhere before a new place comes into my mind and world - editing later

i arrived in Delhi after a delayed plane ride from Kochi - no bug suprise - but the unique thing about this situation was that our pilot who was from california noticed a fluid coming out behind one of the wheels on the plane while parked in Mombai. Lucky for us he noticed the leaking brake and entainting and scary as it was i got to watch 6 indians replace our left brake as we sat on the plane for 2 hours - lots of time to contemplate life:)

I hopped on a plane to Delhi b/c i noticed my Visa is shorter then i thought and rajistan and dharmasala can not be missed before i leave India...but first Delhi

Ugly, Dirty, friendly, beautiful, hard, challenging, wild Delhi. I met 2 girls - 19 + who i took the bus with to the backpacker area. It was like a rundown dirty supre poor dingy Kho Saun Road. Anythign adn everything. I showed them how you dont need to book a 1200 ruppee room and we became roommates and i offered tips on traveling to Nepal and they lent an ear for listening as i was making life decissions and plans for whats next.

We settld into our 350 ruppee room and owndered about. the girls wree fun and free and curious as we tried street food and wandered the markets at night. the city was so alive it was invigortating and playful and refreshing. you could tast and smell india relly strongly! we had some good cheap eats and then later settled down in a little nook of a coffee momo (good to see) house. while sitting the the begining of a hard chain of events happened as this women fll over and had a long strong epiletic ceisure. it was very intense and lots of people were around backpakers and her friends helping, massages, trying to bring her back, and advising one another on what to do. i wanted to go over and help ..but too many people of course...from a far i sat a sent her bright light and healing thoughts.

The next day I got up and wondered out of the hotel onto the streets. i was excitd to be out of the qwuiet south and quickly got scooped up by a nepali man who bought me tea and offered to be my porter. of course i denuied and made my way on a wondered about with an idea of the area i wanted to go. soon AGASIN i got scooped up by a "school boy" who walked me to a Sikh temple that was out of this world. i walked in and it was big, white, marbel, dome buiolding, with a large rectangle holy pool in the middle. it was an awwwing experience. the boy told me about his supposed life i bought him lunch (i was happy the temple was 1 of the 3 things i wrote down i wanted to see) and soon after being drug to different shops and offices and bookstores for his needed schoolbook i realized that i have been snooked as i paid for a hindi english dictionary for him and his exam. Oh Well....lesson learned.

i was a bit weary as i walked back through the markets and grabbed the metro. found my way back to the backpacker area and had some refreshing tea break. i walked back to the vegetable market area took a refreshing stab at the day and took photos of all the poeple and colors and it was really fun and my spirit was revived. I was calmy walking back to my area a bit dazed out and i got scooped up again by a "fortune teller" who told me i was smart, happy, spririt, courages, and have good energy bu this one line on my farhead shows that i am a little insane. the next thign you know i am having tea AGAIN pointing to things on a card, holing little papers in my hand as he predicts what i write and tells me i think to much and manages to get me to put money in his book. i was dazzled and awed and thrown off gusrd all at ne...again snooked...or maybe not who knows.

The day left me tired and weak as traveling after 5 months or so can do to you anyway. i weakly bought to women and their babies chipati and then found my way back to a quiet resteraunt where nobody could bug me hassle me trick me or stare at me. Delhi is the hardest place i have been alone where i am approached every 2 seconds. i try to stay positive and happy and friendly and joking as i believe in treating all humans the same but it sure does get tiring especioally b/c most of the timne they just want your money or your body.

Well needless to say i had a good night sleep and couragiously went out again today. you have to take each day and moment fresh in India. I made my way to India's largest Mosque...which was no the most direct way as nobody can be direct in India...and while in the mosque i climbred up the top of a huge tower and glanced over this crowded tuff yet amazing city. frrling weary from the mosque people taking yet more money from me a man rfom oregan came to the top of the tower and my whole day changed!

..running out of time...long story short he was a kind man who was in india for 2 weeks hired a car to take him around and i ended up joining him. it was so refreshing and relieving and it was a lot of fun to be able to let down my guard. AND i got to see the other sights i wrote down. the lotus temple was absolutely breath taking and interacting with india was fun again as i had a big old man from oregon and and indian driver to make a buffer zonew. Just the rebuild of energy and spirit and strength that i needed to get back on the train one more time before making my way back home:)



Your story brings tears to my eyes! You are amazing...I can not wait to see you again! Love you lots and sending you lots of good energy for the last leg of your tour!


  Monica Feb 12, 2009 1:05 AM

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