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Goodbye New Jersey. Hello World! A record of my journey as I give up my job, my possessions, and life as I know it to go off and see the world!

Trip: Round the World

There are [81] stories from my trip: Round the World

"Posh" Living in Hong Kong

HONG KONG | Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | Views [2996] | Comments [2]

I’m living in a mansion. The Chung King Mansion to be exact - in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong. Are you impressed? Well, you should be! The pamphlet on the mansion describes itself as one of the most “diverse and populated” areas of Hong Kong. Upon ... Read more >

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Photos: Li River Cruise And Other Pretty Yangshou Sights

CHINA | Monday, 11 Oct 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Thanks For the Help - But I Do Not Want To Buy Your Postcards! Experiences Interacting With Chines

CHINA | Monday, 11 Oct 2010 | Views [2075] | Comments [3]

There are some days that I love interacting with Chinese people. There are other days when I want to tear my hair out with frustration. What I love about them is that they are always very helpful when you are in serious distress. At least this is ... Read more >

Tags: china, guilin, xingping, yangshou

Photos: Yangshou Meat Market And Cleaning Dead Dogs In the River

CHINA | Saturday, 9 Oct 2010 | Photo Gallery

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"Fresh" Chinese Cuisine

CHINA | Saturday, 9 Oct 2010 | Views [3973] | Comments [4]

I do not think that I will be eating chicken again in China. Yesterday I was sitting alongside a river close to Yangshou, China, and I watched a lady kill a few. Okay, sounds like not a big deal, right? I mean, every chicken I have ever consumed has ... Read more >

Tags: china, food, yangshou

Adventures in 3rd Class "Hard Sleeper" Chinese Train Travel

CHINA | Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010 | Views [5489] | Comments [4]

If you follow my blog posts then you know that I am quite used to train travel by now.   I spent 8 nights sleeping on the Tran Siberian on my way from Russia to China.   But I would like to state that the Tran Siberian was a bit of a “pampered” ... Read more >

Tags: china, train travel

My Love/Hate Relationship With Shanghai

CHINA | Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010 | Views [2782]

I spent my last night in Shanghai at the top of the Shanghai World Financial Center.   At 492 meters tall, it was the tallest building in 2007.   What is really interesting to me is that the building it beat to be the tallest at that time was currently ... Read more >

Tags: china, shanghai

Where In the World is Lauren? A Reflection 3 Months In

CHINA | Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010 | Views [1187]

I have been traveling for three months now.   As I reflect where I have been I am riding a 24 and a half hour train from Shanghai to Guilin.   How does one pass all this time?   Well, I have used part of it to realize I have slept in 41 different ... Read more >

Photos: Shanghai

CHINA | Sunday, 3 Oct 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Don't Walk Barefoot in Beijing: Reflections of a Great City

CHINA | Friday, 1 Oct 2010 | Views [4487] | Comments [1]

China is the most interesting country that I have ever been to. Okay so I have the time - why not list all the countries I have been to? America, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, ... Read more >

Tags: beijing, china

Photos: Birthday in Beijing

CHINA | Thursday, 30 Sep 2010 | Photo Gallery

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To My Tran Siberian Tour Mates: Thanks for the Good Times

CHINA | Wednesday, 29 Sep 2010 | Views [2503] | Comments [1]

I wanted to list the highlights/low lights of the 17 day tour that I have just completed. The 16 of us spent 8 nights and 7 days on a train and thus these unique memories are bound to happen. These are the things that I don’t want to forget years to ... Read more >

Tags: china, mongolia, russia, tran siberian

Things You Wouldn't Expect on the Great Wall of China

CHINA | Wednesday, 29 Sep 2010 | Views [2942]

I arrived to Beijing via the Trans Mongolian railroad with one thought in my mind: “I can’t wait to go to the Great Wall of China!” I wanted more than anything to get that photograph of me in front of it. It’s one of those things on “the list”. You ... Read more >

Tags: beijing, china, great wall of china, trans mongolian

Mongolian Bliss

MONGOLIA | Monday, 27 Sep 2010 | Views [3163]

Last night I slept in a Ger Camp in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park in Mongolia. I shared my Ger with my Norwegian travel mate Kiki. Picture my evening - it’s dark, about 33 degrees Fahrenheit outside and we are in our beds huddled under the thick ... Read more >

Tags: ger camp, mongolia

Riding the Tran Siberian Train

RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Saturday, 18 Sep 2010 | Views [1994]

It’s day 3 on the Tran Siberian Railway and I’ve decided to attempt to wash my hair. It’s not that I am particularly vain but my hair has become gross, and I certainly do have the time. So, how does one go about washing their hair in a train bathroom ... Read more >

Tags: russia, tran siberian train

"Toto, I Don't Think We Are In Kansas Anymore": First Impressions of St. Petersburg

RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Sunday, 12 Sep 2010 | Views [2166] | Comments [1]

St. Petersburg is one of the coolest cities that I have ever been to. I have also never felt more dumb in my life. Let me explain the former first. I was fortunate to be able to arrive in St. Petersburg as the sun was setting and got to take in all ... Read more >

Tags: russia, st. petersburg

On a Diet? Then Don't Go To Poland

POLAND | Tuesday, 7 Sep 2010 | Views [1874] | Comments [1]

I think I am the unhealthiest I have ever been in my life…and the happiest. Welcome to my random post about Poland and the great food it has to offer. You should know that Krakow has killer pigeons. Seriously - they are everywhere. I always thought ... Read more >

Tags: food, krakow, poland

Random Acts of Kindness in Krakow

POLAND | Sunday, 5 Sep 2010 | Views [2005] | Comments [3]

I still am in awe over what happened a few days ago as I flew from Tallinn, Estonia, to Krakow, Poland. I had to take two flights that day. The first flight to Warsaw left me cranky. It was one of those flights where we circled the airport for awhile ... Read more >

Looking Back Fondly On Those I've Met On The Road

ESTONIA | Wednesday, 1 Sep 2010 | Views [1813] | Comments [5]

So there are days that I have considered buying a recorder that would play the following information: “Hi I’m Lauren. From America. New Jersey. Math teacher. Traveling since July 1 st . Quit my job. Ha ha yeah no idea when I am coming home. Started ... Read more >

Lithuania vs. Latvia vs. Estonia: The Ultimate Showdown

ESTONIA | Sunday, 29 Aug 2010 | Views [29276] | Comments [3]

Alright kids - get out your boxing gloves. The Baltic countries are in the ring, duking it out in the ultimate challenge. In each country I have met fellow travelers who have given me their opinion on which they like better. What’s so funny is that ... Read more >

Tags: estonia, latvia, lithuania, riga, tallinn, vilnius

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