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Mongolian Bliss

MONGOLIA | Monday, 27 September 2010 | Views [3165]

Last night I slept in a Ger Camp in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park in Mongolia. I shared my Ger with my Norwegian travel mate Kiki. Picture my evening - it’s dark, about 33 degrees Fahrenheit outside and we are in our beds huddled under the thick covers. In the middle is a log burning stove that crackles and glows as it fills the small space with a comforting warmth. The stove’s chimney peaks through a small window at the top and from my bed I can see the full moon shining down upon me. It’s quiet. There is nothing for miles but the mountains and emptiness of the land surrounding us. Every now and then I hear a horse gallop through the camp or an animal howl.

Today we rode on a bus for 2 hours from Ulaan Baatar on the bumpiest road. It was not the greatest road to be on if you had to pee - let me tell you! Things became more and more vast as we drove on. The mountains became higher and rockier - and then we came to our camp which consisted of twenty white huts at the base of the mountains in the national pari.

I went horseback riding that day and felt complete bliss. It was the most content I had felt in as long as I can remember. It was freezing out, but I felt the warmth of my horse on the sides of my legs. The grand landscape overtook my emotions. This wasn’t just another city, another museum, another bar. This was life. This was a gift to enjoy. I’ve always felt this great connection with the land and nature and it had been so long since the last time I had this moment. This is the stuff that makes me love traveling so much.

In less than a month I will be in Australia where my plan was the eventually settle an dfind work. But part of me wonders if this will be enough. In a way, I no longer wish to settle anywhere. I want to go out on the horse again, and be in search for more moments like this - because these are what remind me that I am alive. My purpose in life is to find more places like Mongolia.

I wish I could video record all of the beautiful things and experiences I have had from traveling. I wish I could play for you Lake Baikal in Siberia….or the highlands in Scotland….or Croagh Patrick in Ireland….or Bryce Canyon in Utah….or Interlaken in Switzerland….or the sun setting on the ocean in Hawaii….or colorful fall leaves on the mountains in Virginia…or the countless other amazing experiences that I thank God for allowing me to enjoy. It feels wrong not to be able to share these experiences with hose I love and care about. I wish you could all see what I have - experienced what I have. Because pictures just don’t do it justice and neither does writing about it.

It was so cold when I rode my Mongolian horse. I wasn’t dressed properly and could really feel the wind cutting my face and hands. But the cold didn’t distract my thoughts. I want to see more of South Eastern Asia. I want to visit Japan. I want to go to Tibet and India and Africa. Australia and New Zealand are not going to be the end of the road. I am just getting warmed up!

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