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On a Diet? Then Don't Go To Poland

POLAND | Tuesday, 7 September 2010 | Views [1938] | Comments [1]

I think I am the unhealthiest I have ever been in my life…and the happiest. Welcome to my random post about Poland and the great food it has to offer.

You should know that Krakow has killer pigeons. Seriously - they are everywhere. I always thought that the ones in New York City were bad but these sky rats will take you out if they have the chance. Don’t trust them for a second. I was sitting on a bench in the main square eating yogurt when one flew up and tried to peck some off my spork (that’s right, I travel with a spork - and you should too!). What bird could possibly want yogurt? I look to my right and there’s a small child completely surrounded by the birds as he is feeding them. These pigeons are vicious creatures and I don’t trust any for a minute. Oh and watch your head when they fly over, as my friend Adam will agree with.

You might be wondering why the pigeons are so bad? Well, now we get back to the theme of this post which is the wonderful food in Poland. There are kiosks EVERYWHERE in Krakow selling these amazing pretzel like twist things that are covered in salt or cheese (I prefer the cheese ones) that cost about forty cents each and are massive in size. It is a pigeon’s paradise to be honest. Everyone buys them, eats them outside and the pigeons pick up the crumbs. No wonder they are all fat and look like they have been consuming steroids for years. So that alone makes Poland a carb-junkies dream. This of coarse doesn’t include all the enticing pastries that you can also buy from the kiosks, but this has been common for me since Denmark (btw, you don‘t want to know how many proper Denmark Danishes I consumed in that country).

Of coarse there is more. Let’s get on the subject of pierogies, which are part of the reason why I wanted to go to Poland in the first place. I have eaten lots at home, but I wanted to have genuine, homemade ones. They come in so many varieties - from meat and potato filled to mushroom, sour kraut and even jam filled. Once again, carb heaven. And the soups are amazing as well - filled with dumplings or mushrooms or beets….whatever your heart desires. I love the dumplings of coarse, can’t you tell?

Now, let’s get on the topic of Polish vodka. Nothing beat going to the Jewish District and sipping on Polish lemon or cherry vodka in a chill, laid back bar. That’s right, sip, not gulp the vodka. It comes out cold and it goes down so smoothly. I never even knew that Poland was known for such great drinks.

I don’t mean to be biased towards Krakow - Warsaw also has a delicious selection of treats and meats which I enjoyed.

It’s funny because I used to be a really healthy person at home. Seriously. I would eat salads, grilled chicken, etc. Then things became a little ridiculous one I hit the Batlics and now Poland. The food has been so lovely and the prices have been just right. I simply cannot help myself. Have I gained a few pounds? Sure, but at the moment I honestly don’t care. As long as my clothes still fit, what does it matter? People have asked me often, have I changed at all on this trip? I guess in this sense I have. I have learned to allow myself to indulge more in some of life’s guilty pleasures and I look back with no regrets.

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ah "The Birds"....seagulls are up there on the list too, especially in FL...walked off a pavillion with lunch only to be in a reinactment of Hitchcock's infamous "bird" scene. It was terrifing, two seconds flat and my mouth watering lunch was ripped from my hands as I shreiked only to find the locals in the most hysterical belly laughts. Yeah...really funny now, not! Glad you're enjoying things so much, its funny how a simple thing like food can be soooo enjoyable....at least you're walking it off. Love your blogs, get such a chuckle out of them. Miss ya, be safe, and most of all enjoy all that life has to offer you! Hugs

  AV Sep 7, 2010 6:14 AM



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