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Travel Essays

La Fin~ Last entry from Europe...or so I hope

FRANCE | Monday, 24 May 2010 | Views [259]

At the end of twenty some odd days of travelling I am writing this last journal entry for no one in particular. I get the feeling I am writing for myself, but I must admit it has been a good way to organize my trip and my thoughts. British Airways on ... Read more >

Photos: Paris the Louvre and Shakespeare & co

FRANCE | Friday, 21 May 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Un bagguette, s'il vous plaît. merci beaucoup

FRANCE | Friday, 21 May 2010 | Views [577]

Today I bought a warm, thin, crusty baguette “Un bagguette, si vu platz”   that was as long as my arm and only 79 cents, plus it was warm. The small things that make life worth living…I also bought a lump of goat cheese that was probably meant for ... Read more >

Photos: Paris Day 1

FRANCE | Thursday, 20 May 2010 | Photo Gallery

Really all the place I hit up my first day
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Dachau Concentration Camp in lieu of Neustwanstein Castle

GERMANY | Wednesday, 19 May 2010 | Views [388]

So for some reason I chose to end my stay in Munich with a visit to Dachau concentration camp instead of going to the fairytale castle Neustwanstein. I guess I felt that I had seen enough, so far in my trip, of what beauty and excellence Man has the capacity ... Read more >

환상의 성 대신 참옥한 현실, 다카오 강제 수용소

GERMANY | Wednesday, 19 May 2010 | Views [940]

나는 생각한게있은면 집착에 가까운 정신력을 발휘할수있다 . 그에대한 나쁜점들은 모두들알것이다 , 생각한것이 이루어지지않으면 , 또는 빗나가면 , 실망이 크다 . 아니 … 좌절에 가깝다 . 그래서 내자신에게도 조금 놀랄만한 결정을 했다 , 오늘 . 미국서부터 기대를했던 ... Read more >

Photos: Munich -the good...

GERMANY | Tuesday, 18 May 2010 | Photo Gallery

Andechs Monastary...er brewery
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다른 길을 선택하는 이들을 위하여

GERMANY | Monday, 17 May 2010 | Views [457]

뮤르헨의 첮 인상은 오래된 도시를 재연하는 과정에서 새로운건물들을 곳곳이 끼운 느낌이였다 . 오늘의 걷는 투어를 통하여 왜그런 느낌인지 알게됬다 . 사실 독일이라는 나라는 미국보다도 어린 200 년 미만의 나라라는 걸 . 여기는 나라라는 개념보다는 ... Read more >

The Hills are Alive~with the sound of my off key tune~~

AUSTRIA | Sunday, 16 May 2010 | Views [430]

I totally nailed the Original Sound of Music Tour yesterday. Which in my opinion is a must do though you may scoff. Riding on a coach bus with 50 other crazy tourists just waiting to point and click may not be my cuppa tea on a normal basis, but it was ... Read more >

Photos: salzburg munich

GERMANY | Sunday, 16 May 2010 | Photo Gallery

Maria's church and first day in munich
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또 다시 혼자 여행...^^

GERMANY | Sunday, 16 May 2010 | Views [687]

여행의 시작서부터 재미있는 친구들을 만나서 혼자하는 여행이라는 것을 까먹을 정도다. 사르스부륵과 뮤르헨에서 지내면서는 혼자하는 여행도 쏠쏠하다는 것도 느꼇다. 사르스부륵에서 재일 남는 기억이 "사운드옵 뮤직" 에서 나오고 실제 인물이였던 마리아 본 트랩이 나온 사원에 가보는 거였다. 5월에는 밤마다 7시부터 아주 짧은 미사같은것 중 수녀들이 찬송은한다길래 열심히 산중턱 까지 Nonnenberg Sift (인제는 마리아 수녀원이라고도 ... Read more >

Photos: Salzburg and the Sound of Music

AUSTRIA | Saturday, 15 May 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Venice

ITALY | Friday, 14 May 2010 | Photo Gallery

베네치에 섬들
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베네치에 에서 사르스북까지

ITALY | Friday, 14 May 2010 | Views [561]

베니체를 오늘 아침 떠남으로서 이탈리 반도를 떠난다 … 일단은 . ^^ 이곳에서 여행의 시작과 반을 보내면서 참 행복했다 . 특별히한건 없다 , 관광객처럼 보는 것 마다 신기해하고 사진찍고 , 기차 찾고 , 해매고 , 길 묻고 , 사람과 예기하며 지낸 ... Read more >

Venice: City on the water

ITALY | Thursday, 13 May 2010 | Views [262]

I think arriving in Venice I was museumed out so that I decided not to go into any of the bigger galleries. Instead I decided to conserve my time and euro and walk around, get lost and ride the vaporretto for just a day to go see the islands around the ... Read more >

Photos: Florence Fava and Rainy Venice

ITALY | Wednesday, 12 May 2010 | Photo Gallery

My long long day
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콩과 치즈의 만남

ITALY | Wednesday, 12 May 2010 | Views [522]

이탈리에 와서는 한번도 박스에 들어있는 음식을 먹어본적이 없다...비록 7일 밖에 안됬지만 기운이 넘친다..가는 곳마다 시장을 들려서 철과일과 야채를 사는 재미에 푹빠졌다. 안되는 이탈리언어 보다는 집념이 보여서인지 상인들이 굉장히친절하다. 맛보고 "molto bene" 아주 좋다..."quanto" 얼마냐..."un poco" 조금만...제일많이 쓴다. 오늘 은 피렌체 새벽시장에 부지런 ... Read more >

Reading may do me in yet~ Fava beans and pecorino

ITALY | Tuesday, 11 May 2010 | Views [366]

If anyone has read Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes, as have all the women I have met and liked during this trip to Italy, then you will know about fava beans and pecorino. Having read this and planning to be in Tuscany in the springtime I naturally wanted ... Read more >

La Bella Citta, Florence: Leather and Paper

ITALY | Tuesday, 11 May 2010 | Views [668]

Rome will always be my first love, but Florence has a quaint charm that is also unique and delightful. This completely walkable city was mastered in a day and revolves around the Duomo. A large cathedral, that before the construction of St. Peters in ... Read more >

Tags: shopping, sights

Photos: Florence

ITALY | Monday, 10 May 2010 | Photo Gallery

The home of the Renaissance
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