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Walkabout 2011

Wed 2 Nov to Fri 4 Nov 11

USA | Monday, 7 Nov 2011 | Views [354]

The previously arranged Blue Airport Shuttle arrived pretty much on time and whisked us away from the Itte Lane home, for the last time this trip.   We made it in good time to National Airport, and coincidentally (?) were dropped off outside the ... Read more >

Tue 1 Nov 11

USA | Wednesday, 2 Nov 2011 | Views [545]

This will be the last post for a couple of days as we'll be flying out tomorrow, but I'll finish up this diary, once we get home, with a resume about the flight.  I'm sure there'll be some reportable incidents, en route. Quite a reasonable day ... Read more >

Mon 31 Oct 11

USA | Tuesday, 1 Nov 2011 | Views [331]

A cold day, but a bright one for Halloween.  Went down to Target and the Springfield Mall today to do some last minute stuff - lots of silly shopgirls dressed up in their wicked witch hats, together with a few younger children in bumble bee outfits ... Read more >

Sun 30 Oct 11

USA | Monday, 31 Oct 2011 | Views [335]

Have to admit to being slightly concerned about the trip home, after the Qantas shut down.  However, I see today that the Federal arbitrator has decreed all industrial action terminated for 21 days and with that assurance, Qantas will start getting ... Read more >

Sat 29 Oct 11

USA | Sunday, 30 Oct 2011 | Views [546]

Stayed indoors today - kept in  by the cold and the snow .  It's a little difficult to see the snowflakes but you can pick them up on the top right of the photo, shooting down, to end their brief descent on the ground. It wasn't much, just ... Read more >

Fri 28 Oct 11

USA | Saturday, 29 Oct 2011 | Views [315]

A very cold day here here - there were reports on the news about snow having fallen in Vermont and apparently New York has commenced its preparations for the snow and ice season.  It was very piccadilly here, when we got Leanne to drop us off at ... Read more >

Thu 27 Oct 11

USA | Friday, 28 Oct 2011 | Views [375]

Trapped indoors again by the rain. All we could do today, was to finish off the painting of all the brass bits around the house.  There were only a couple of door knobs left to paint, but they were given a coat of oil rubbed bronze, as was the overhead ... Read more >

Wed 26 Oct 11

USA | Thursday, 27 Oct 2011 | Views [282]

This was Gizmo's MRI day and we dropped him off at the vet's place at around 7.30am.  Marg and I then caught a bus from the Franconia Springfield Metro to Potomac Mills.  This is a vast shopping centre about 10 miles from us, which houses a huge ... Read more >

Tue 25 Oct 11

USA | Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011 | Views [500]

A stay at home day, today.  I was tasked with replacing the overhead fan in the TV room - the in situ fan was a bit of a mismatch in that room - it was more fitted for a bigger area and was a very brassy thing.  So it had to go. We had picked ... Read more >

Mon 24 Oct 11

USA | Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011 | Views [304]

Accompanied Leanne into work this morning and were dropped off at the King St Metro, as we wanted to go to Clarendon to browse the shops there, especially Crate and Barrel and the Container Store. When that was done (yawn), we trained back to King ... Read more >

Sun 23 Oct 11

USA | Monday, 24 Oct 2011 | Views [634]

The four of us went out in the am, to a variety of shops including the old favourites Target, Giant, Trader Joe's and Home Depot.  Picked up a ceiling fan in Home Depot, which we will use to replace one which is too big and gaudy, for the room ... Read more >

Sat 22 Oct 11

USA | Sunday, 23 Oct 2011 | Views [544]

Stayed at home today and did more work with the oil rubbed bronze paint as well as more in the garden shed.  Leanne went off to work at around 9.00am.  Leanne had emailed the neurosurgeon a couple of days ago, to try to find out the cost of surgery ... Read more >

Fri 21 Oct 11

USA | Saturday, 22 Oct 2011 | Views [614]

Another cold day, though rain free. Leanne dropped us off at the shopping centre, so we could pick up a few things for tea tonight.  We walked home from there and I found it cold enough to wear a vest. Marg started the cooking early and got most ... Read more >

Thu 20 Oct 11

USA | Friday, 21 Oct 2011 | Views [405]

Went in with Leanne, this rain free but windy, morning and caught the Metro at the Kings St Station, bound for the Pentagon City shopping centre.  We had two missions - firstly to visit the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum and secondly, to ... Read more >

Wed 19 Oct 11

USA | Thursday, 20 Oct 2011 | Views [338]

Leanne organised an appointment with an animal neurosurgeon this morning, so we went along at the appointed time (08;00am) only to wait the obligatory 45 minutes before getting in to see this august personage.  A few hundred dollars later we were ... Read more >

Tue 18 Oct 11

USA | Wednesday, 19 Oct 2011 | Views [310]

Only about two weeks now, before we leave Springfield VA and face the 15 hour plane flight back to Sydney, en route to Perth. It was another beaut day in northern Virginia and we celebrated by taking down all the faux brass outside light frames;... Read more >

Mon 17 Oct 11

USA | Tuesday, 18 Oct 2011 | Views [356]

We decided to visit Tysons Corner today, but first went with Leanne and Gizmo to the acupuncturist, who regrettably advised us that she saw a neurological problem, which she couldn't attempt to fix.  So we now have to make an appointment with an ... Read more >

Sun 16 Oct 11

USA | Monday, 17 Oct 2011 | Views [342]

Today was spent mainly around the house.  While Leanne put a good deal of time and knowledge into removing the virus(es) off this computer, Marg did the washing and some cleaning up outside.  The computer had a couple of Trojan sicknesses embedded ... Read more >

Sat 15 Oct 11

USA | Monday, 17 Oct 2011 | Views [537]

Although overcast initially, today was rain free and the PM was good outdoor weather with no hint of humidity. Gizmo seems to be slightly better, or perhaps he is simply getting used to his inert left leg.  He is hobbling about now whereas before, ... Read more >

Fri 14 Oct 11

USA | Saturday, 15 Oct 2011 | Views [312]

Another wet day and some periods of this day, were very wet.  It fined up a little after midday and we were able to hand over our nurse maiding duties with Gizmo, to Brian.  In lieu, we went to Home Depot and sundry other shops, looking for raw mterials ... Read more >

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