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My super boring journal I would like some more pressed duck.

Worst Journal Ever

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 10 May 2007 | Views [1469] | Comments [6]

Hello, It made me smile that Mrs James was correcting Simons grammar. Particularily because I didn’t understand and had to read Simons comment twice to pick it up. My journals would fail anyones grammar test.

I have been very busy without actually doing much this past little while. I have been planning for mum and Dans impending visit. I was feeling quite proud until I realized I was stupid with dates. It will be fixed.

Since my last journal the weather has been absolutely beautiful and I have gone to a barbeque each weekend. It reminds me of home… You can buy disposable barbeques that look like a roasting tray with coals in it. You light it and cook on a tray on top. I thought it was interesting. Everyone thought I was being strange. If you tip the coals on the beach you can step on them when they are still glowing hot. It doesn’t hurt. But if you get little ones caught in the lines of your feet then it burns. Best not to show off.

I have put some pictures up. They are pictures that other people have taken around the place. As I have not gone anywhere I figured these would be good pictures. The people are those from work or other foreign teachers on the island. Jon Paul is in one of them. He is gone now though. Ebony, Helen and Melissa met some of the people. They are my friends.

The English do absolutely spectacular lifestyle programs. There is relocation/relocation where people want a country house and a city house and they go buy them. It is awesome. They came to the Isle of Wight once… they moved to Sandown. There is Grand Designs where people build funny houses. One was a giant houseboat and one was really small and had a bathtub under the bed! There is A place in the sun, where people buy foreign houses. Usually in Spain or France. It is funny when they go to Bulgaria though. Bulgaria doesn’t seem like the most happening place in the world. My favorite at the moment is It’s not easy being green where a guy travels around and makes people more environmental. They reuse lots of things. I like it.

England also has MILLIONS of celebrity chefs. I watched a show tonight all about desserts. It was weaker than many others.

This is officially the worst journal ever. I feel inferior. I have run out of things to say. Congratulations to Simon and Tim on there new abode.

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Nonsense, Purple Pimpernel. There have been FAR worse journals than THAT. I JOKE. I JOKE.
Honestly Susan, the smallest petty thing in your life that you grant worthy of publishing on the web for your adoring fans to dore over, is absolutely AMAZING for us most unworthy groupies because you are doing it in another COUNTRY and you are writing something on the WEB. Two things that we, your humble subjects, do not get to do, unless we come and visit you, or write a comment on your journal. So, go forth, wash the dishes, dig a hole, purchase elastic bands. It is dazzling.
Which reminds me that I have to buy a dish rack and some plasticine on Saturday. Don't ask why.
SEE- when I say it, it is pathetic, only slightly enhanced by being on the web. If I was in another country, buying plasticine in Barcelona or Reykyavik, ohhhh, people would be in raptures.

  Simon J May 16, 2007 8:21 PM


I really hope you had the good sense to vote for in the Eurovision Song Contest.
I really hope, if you did vote, that it wasn't for stupid Serbia.
Stupid Serbia!
I also recall the UK giving their 12 points (douze points) to Turkey. What was with that? I demand you explain it to me! Ukraine was great. I have had Greece's song in my head for days.

"First off, She's a lady"

  Ebony May 18, 2007 2:08 PM


G'day from WA, it Foundation Day today in WA Suzie Q!

We are celebrating euroupean settlers coming to wa, but being to cold to get off the boat for like a month afterwards (whats wrong with these european settlers, i've been to europe & it's much colder there, for one thing they have snow, Perths never even seen snow, not even in the ice age)! So Suzie, cause your a West Aussie, you must celebrate Foundation Day today, but because no-one in England will know what it's all about, you can celebrate it however you want. Some suggestions:
1. You have to have a day off for religious reasons (your a Sandgroper after all, they won't know it's not a religion).
2. Refuse to go outside, cause its just too cold.
3. All your friends must give you presents & invite you to cool parties to entice you out into the cold.

Alright I'm not very good at interesting suggestions, but i'm sure others might have some ideas. Have a great foundation day Sue.

  Meli Jun 4, 2007 2:19 PM


Watch out Sue. Here I come..

  Daniel Jun 8, 2007 11:57 PM


Hi Sue, and perhaps Lesley & Dan now,

Some thoughts on the Eurovision song contest. I wish Australia had a vote. More particularly, I wish they would show it live. Most particularly, I wish the ABC wouldn't tell us the result before SBS has broadcast it. Stupid ABC!

  Janet Jun 12, 2007 4:05 PM


Sue, this IS officially the worst journal ever.

I have been silent too long and can no longer hold my peace.

You would think that having Mum and Dan living in your very pocket you would at least have teeny snippets of interesting things to write….

Anyway, enough of that.


But don’t get too excited, it is in Armadale, but it is mine, or will be when I have paid the bank all my money and sold a kidney or two (not mine of course, I know how to harvest a kidney, courtesy of Nip/Tuck, of which we have nearly finished watching the 4th season, it is so crazy, but I digress…)

The house has three bedrooms and 1 bathroom, it is pretty grotty and nothing has been done with the garden but I am sure I can make it nice with some paint and plants that Dad will find from the tip, ahhhh God bless that rubbish tip of his.

Enjoy your Lesley and Dan free week and get ready for the coming month-o-fun :)

  H Jun 26, 2007 2:04 PM



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