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Continental Divide Trail 2011 close to 3000 miles through new mexico, colorado, wyoming and montana. May 1 start date.

Trip: nepal 2011

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CDT Here I come!

USA | Friday, 29 Apr 2011 | Views [553] | Comments [1]

I arrived last night after 47 hours of flights and layovers from Kathmandu to Mumbai to London to Chicago and San Diego. But I leave in just 5 hours on a Greyhound for New Mexico to begin thru-hiking the CDT. I'm meeting up with my two hiking buds: Trainwreck ... Read more >

21 days in the EVEREST region

NEPAL | Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011 | Views [458]

Tony and I are back in busy, hippie-infested, touristic Thamel in Kathmandu but we are enjoying such things as VEGETABLES and CAKE and cheap CURRY. We have spent the last few days eating and reading Harry Potter, feeling that we have earned the right ... Read more >

Tags: trekking

Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary

NEPAL | Thursday, 24 Mar 2011 | Views [712] | Comments [2]

Today was our only real "rest" day: a day of shopping and eating chocolate cake in caves. Yesterday we returned from our 19-day hike in the Annapurnas. We staying in teahouses every night, ate dal baht and sipped tea, and spent our days walking ... Read more >

Tags: trekking

bhatkuwa: organic farming in a remote village

NEPAL | Friday, 4 Mar 2011 | Views [1198]

Tony and I just spent about 2 weeks wwoofing on a coffee farm with a family in the remote village of Bhatkuwa, Nepal. I will be processing all of my thoughts and reactions for many days to come. It was like returning to Africa, where I am the only white ... Read more >

Tags: wwoofing

quick update

NEPAL | Friday, 18 Feb 2011 | Views [507]

This will be oh so quick. I just won't have much internet on this trip with 2 weeks on a remote farm, 8 weeks of himalayan trekking and such. Tony and I are leaving at 5 am tomorrow for a bus ride across the country to our wwoof farm for a 2 week stay.... Read more >

ma-laai nepal man parchha ( I really like nepal)

NEPAL | Friday, 4 Feb 2011 | Views [731] | Comments [1]

I have thirty minutes left on my internet session. I write to you from Pokhara, Nepal, a little lakeside town next the annapurnas, reaching higher than 8000 metres. It isn't always clear out, but when it is, I can hardly contain my exctitment when I ... Read more >


JAPAN | Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011 | Views [533]

I had a lovely last week in okinawa. Visited the famous Ocean expo Park and Aquarium where one can find human-size lobsters, whale sharks, and snakes that look like candy puppets popping out of the sand. I came across a Cherry Blossom Festival and went ... Read more >

okinawa continued

JAPAN | Tuesday, 18 Jan 2011 | Views [608]

I am on Book 5 in the Harry Potter series now. I can't believe I've been missing out all these years. Needless to say, it has been overcast lately. I was supposed to go out diving all weekend to complete my boat and drift diver specialty courses, but ... Read more >

Photos: okinawa

JAPAN | Tuesday, 18 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

first 2 weeks
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first week

JAPAN | Monday, 10 Jan 2011 | Views [647] | Comments [1]

It has been a lovely first week of travels. I won't really start traveling until I leave the comforts of Okinawa, but I am greatly enjoying the time I have here for visiting and relaxing. The weather has been mostly dreary so I find myself curled up ... Read more >

made it safe

JAPAN | Tuesday, 4 Jan 2011 | Views [706]

I made it safe to okinawa and have been enjoying the comforts of the Freiberg's home for 2 days now. I haven't yet ventured out on my own but will do so soon. I started reading Into Thin Air for the second time and haven't been able to put it down. It ... Read more >

Tags: arrival

setting off again soon

JAPAN | Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010 | Views [492]

I had planned on NOT traveling outside of the US this year, to save money for my coming Continental Divide hike (summer 2011) and for future travels, but I always seem to find some reason to justify leaving the country again. When I found out it was no ... Read more >

Tags: preparation