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The End Of Nicaragua?

NICARAGUA | Thursday, 10 April 2008 | Views [1832] | Comments [1]

OH NO - lessons!

OH NO - lessons!

"Some things change" (my plans), "and some things do not" (my lack of time).  It's a strange series of events that sees me not staying in Nicaragua any longer - as I'd envisaged doing.  Due to a mix of timings, border crossings, costs, cancellations and fate i end up catching 4 taxis, 3 flights, one boat and a 4am bus to my final destination; Utila, one of the Bay islands of Honduras.  It took me 3 days to do it and came as a slight surprise.
I've spent just over 6 weeks in Nicaragua, long enough to have some sense of it.  In a recent International survey it scored the worst of the Central American countries for how well it's set-up to take tourists.  Its also the poorest of the mainland countries as regards to GDP, is racked with inflation, and like most of its neighbours, suffers from a lot of violence.  I never felt i was in any personal danger, but i was often made uncomfortable (as always) by the freak/celebrity status a Cheles (white/European) like me can attract.  Rubbish is everywhere - something else i can never get used to.  The environment is not a real concern, the country is too poor for that.  The diet is fairly bland with beans and rice 3 times a day and yet bizarrely the population suffers hugely from obesity.  A saved up treat for the family is to go and visit Pizza Hut.  Beggars are everywhere, and there are many westerners who seem to only be there to exploit a poorer, developing country that is co-incidentally dominated by religion.  The state is tied to the church, and from my non-religious, European basis, i count that as a huge negative.  That's quite a long list i guess, and yet i like Nicaragua - i recommend it as a place to visit.  It's more interesting and raw, i think than Costa Rica.  It also has some beautiful parks and volcanoes and i have a lot of good memories from my time there: An idyllic but intensive life at a Spanish school, asking for a little Thursday for breakfast instead of eggs, snoozing in a hammock, making my teacher laugh and eating the best homemade pizza in the world.  Having a conversation in Spanish for the first time in my life and learning the definition of guapo (handsome - and those Nica girls must be blind).  Meeting westerners who do care and really make a difference to their local communities.
Ill be back someday i think.

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can study be a chore with a backdrop like that... I recognise the symptoms of running out of time. You never think it will come, but it does. Still sure you can just slot back into the routine of reality when you get back??? Shane: after 2 years...no...

  Tam Apr 19, 2008 1:34 PM

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