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vagabonds3 "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness." Mark Twain

The French Alps

FRANCE | Tuesday, 29 Sep 2015 | Views [288]

AUTUMN MAY NOT BE THE BEST TIME TO VISIT the French Alps.  Summer is over and ski season is months away.  Many of the hotels and restaurants close from mid-September until December — even hoteliers need vacations — so we are bunked ... Read more >

Cote d'Or

FRANCE | Sunday, 27 Sep 2015 | Views [342]

THE BEAUNE SATURDAY MARKET WAS IN FULL SWING.  Roasting meat and garlic perfumed the air.  Fruit, vegetables, cheeses and everything imaginable was for sale in the street stalls.  Except wine.  You had to go into the “caves”... Read more >


FRANCE | Thursday, 24 Sep 2015 | Views [298]

SUMMER’S LAST DAYS, SAVE FOR A FEW FLASHES, were dreary and wet.  But today,  the first day of autumn, dawned spectacularly.  Woodsmoke perfumed the morning chill while redstarts and tits — crested tits, long-tailed tits and ... Read more >

Lascaux II and Grotte de Rouffignac

FRANCE | Saturday, 19 Sep 2015 | Views [1125]

MONTIGNAC ISN’T FAR FROM ST. MARTIN-DE-VERS as the crow flies but it is 85 kilometers by winding country roads.  I suspect our GPS, Sir Clive, may have thrown in a twist and turn or two just to be cute.  We were in this area four years ... Read more >

Old and New New Friends

FRANCE | Friday, 18 Sep 2015 | Views [361]

THE FRENCH CALL IT “ DIVERSION .”  For us it was a minor detour from Connie's original plan, through some spectacular scenery to visit our oldest new friends.  We met Allan and Diana on the cruise to Barcelona back at the beginning ... Read more >

Bordeaux and the Loire Valley

FRANCE | Monday, 14 Sep 2015 | Views [312]

TOURS, THE CITY, MAKES A PERFECT BASE TO BEGIN exploring the Loire Valley, a busy college town with a pedestrian-friendly vibe.  The Loire itself, dammed and levied nearly to death, still supports verdant vineyards, villages ranging from charming ... Read more >

Brittany — On Our Own Again

FRANCE | Friday, 11 Sep 2015 | Views [344]

DEEP BREATH.  EXHALE SLOWLY.  A-A-A-H!  We're on our own again.  Ken and Dee left yesterday and are already home in Kalamazoo, happily back in their comfort zone.  We traded in the big tank for a smaller car and set off on the ... Read more >

Ken and Dee's Excellent Adventure: Paris

FRANCE | Wednesday, 9 Sep 2015 | Views [239]

OUR PLAN FOR PARIS WAS TO DRIVE to the Campanile Hotel near CDG Airport, leave the car and take the hotel shuttle to the airport station to catch the train to Notre Dame.  We didn’t count on the terrible commuter traffic, though, and it took ... Read more >

Ken and Dee's Excellent Adventure: Normandy and Versailles

FRANCE | Tuesday, 8 Sep 2015 | Views [260]

DEE FORTIFIED HERSELF FOR THE DRIVE ahead with a breakfast chocolate eclair in Amiens, not caring too much about the Notre Dame Cathedral.  The American Cemetery at Normandy, after all, was one of their target destinations.  It was a beautiful ... Read more >

Photos: France

FRANCE | Sunday, 6 Sep 2015 | Photo Gallery

See all 232 photos >>

Ken and Dee's Excellent Adventure: Amsterdam and Brugge

NETHERLANDS | Saturday, 5 Sep 2015 | Views [273]

WE WOULD RATHER BE COVERED IN HONEY and staked out on an anthill than to be tour guides.  Yet here we are chaperoning Connie’s brother and his wife on their European adventure.  We met Ken and Dee at the port after their river cruise ... Read more >


BELGIUM | Wednesday, 2 Sep 2015 | Views [309]

MONDAY’S WEATHER TURNED NASTY, CATS and dogs rain and cold.  And it was still raining when we arrived in the port city of Antwerp.  It’s a working-class city and nowhere is this more apparent than in the Docklands where we are ... Read more >

EU: Glad To Be Back

BELGIUM | Monday, 31 Aug 2015 | Views [194]

I MAY HAVE BEEN A BIT HARD ON BELARUS.  I was considering softening my stance — Minsk isn’t that bad, after all — when the check-in folks at the airport started giving the two young blacks ahead of us a hard time.  The security ... Read more >

Photos: Belgium

BELGIUM | Monday, 31 Aug 2015 | Photo Gallery

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Belarus: Old School Soviet

BELARUS | Friday, 28 Aug 2015 | Views [594]

THE USSR MAY BE A RELIC OF THE COLD WAR but the news of its demise hasn’t reached the BSSR,  the Belarus Soviet Socialist Republic as it was once known.  The largest building in Minsk still houses the KGB.  The government, a republic ... Read more >

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