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vagabonds3 "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness." Mark Twain

Kunya Urgensh and the Darwaza Gas Crater

TURKMENISTAN | Tuesday, 14 Apr 2015 | Views [555]

TURKMENISTAN'S SIZE IS MADE UP FOR BY ITS DESOLATION.  Eighty percent of the country is desert and outside of Ashgebad the roads are terrible, relics of Soviet times.  Elena accompanied us to the airport and all the way to Dashguz where Roman ... Read more >


TURKMENISTAN | Monday, 13 Apr 2015 | Views [220]

ALLAH WAS WILLING.  ELENA, THE GUIDE, AND DRIVER MISHA were waiting when we arrived in Ashgebad and whisked us off to tour Ashgebad.  We had a full day ahead despite our 5 AM wakeup.  Most of Ashgebad is only three years old and Turkmenistan ... Read more >

Adventures in Flight

TURKMENISTAN | Sunday, 12 Apr 2015 | Views [186]

NOT ONLY CAN’T YOU GET THERE (ASHGEBAD) FROM HERE (Dushanbe), you can only get there from anywhere on certain days.  Lately we have been returning to Bishket to make connections but for Turkmenistan we have to go all the way back to Almaty ... Read more >

Photos: Turkmenistan

TURKMENISTAN | Sunday, 12 Apr 2015 | Photo Gallery

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Hanging in Dushanbe and Hissar

TAJIKISTAN | Saturday, 4 Apr 2015 | Views [245]

DUSHANBE SEEMS LIKE A VERY LIVEABLE CITY.  The roads are potholed, it's true, traffic can get snarly and we have already purchased the only 12 tiny bottles of Coke Zero in Tajikistan.  But Dushanbe is a clean city, bordered on two sides by ... Read more >


TAJIKISTAN | Thursday, 2 Apr 2015 | Views [221]

BO KNOWS.  NOT BO JACKSON BUT OUR NEW acquaintance from Massachusetts.  He already had his visa for Tajikistan, despite assurances that “visas on arrival” were now possible.  We, on the other hand, believed what we read on-... Read more >

Tajikistan, Here We Come!

KYRGYZSTAN | Wednesday, 1 Apr 2015 | Views [370]

WE WEREN’T ALL THAT CONFIDENT ABOUT GETTING BACK to Bishkek again.  The temperature in Tashkent plummeted to -5C and snow was forecast for the region.  There are only three flights a week to Bishkek and if we missed this one it would ... Read more >

Now Showing: Vagabonds3

TAJIKISTAN | Monday, 30 Mar 2015 | Views [693]

ONCE AGAIN WE HAVE EXCEEDED OUR PHOTO limit and it is time to begin Chapter 3 of the Vagabonds saga.  We had hoped to finish out our time in the “peaceful ‘Stans” in vagabondstoo , but it was not to be.  So you can continue ... Read more >

Photos: Tajikistan

TAJIKISTAN | Sunday, 29 Mar 2015 | Photo Gallery

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