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vagabonds3 "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness." Mark Twain

The Arctic: Devon Island

CANADA | Friday, 19 Aug 2016 | Views [302]

LANCASTER BAY SEPARATES BAFFIN ISLAND from Devon Island.   Massive volumes of water from the Atlantic to the east and Pacific to the west, and from the archipelago of islands to the north all mix here, combining to make a rich source of nutrients ... Read more >

The Arctic: Polar Bears

CANADA | Tuesday, 16 Aug 2016 | Views [184]

THE ONE OCEAN BROCHURE STATED THAT “the crossing of Baffin Bay is highly dependent on the extent of the so-called ‘middle ice’”.  There was no ice, middle or otherwise.  In fact, we would see no more ice at all except ... Read more >

The Arctic: Illuysat, Greenland

GREENLAND | Monday, 15 Aug 2016 | Views [266]

YESTERDAY WAS A BIG DEAL in Illuysat, a modest fishing village on the west coast of Greenland.  The luxurious  L’Austral was already in the harbor when we arrived and we had to wait for its tenders to leave before our zodiacs could ... Read more >

The Arctic: Getting Our Sea Legs

GREENLAND | Saturday, 13 Aug 2016 | Views [255]

SLEEP DEPRIVED WITH BODY CLOCKS two hours off, I didn’t eat much for dinner and slept fitfully despite the gentle rocking of the ship.  I did eat a good breakfast and was on deck as we docked in Sisimati, the northernmost ice-free port and ... Read more >

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Catching Up: The Arctic Adventure Begins

GREENLAND | Friday, 12 Aug 2016 | Views [265]

POPLAR GROVE IS NOT ONLY ONE of the most well-thought out campgrounds we have seen, it is convienient ot Ottawa and we can store our RV while we’re on our expedition cruise.  Yes, our long-awaited Arctic trip is finally here — and ... Read more >

Photos: Northwest Passage

GREENLAND | Wednesday, 10 Aug 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Minnesota and Michigan

USA | Friday, 5 Aug 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Catching Up: Minnesota and Michigan

USA | Wednesday, 3 Aug 2016 | Views [190]

TO GET FROM NORTH DAKOTA TO MICHIGAN, the road passes through Minnesota.  ‘Nuff said?  Besides, the Twins were at home and we’ve never seen them play.  Along the way you somehow have to cross Ole Man River, the Mississippi.... Read more >

Catching Up: Why Not Minot?

USA | Monday, 4 Jul 2016 | Views [198]

FREEZIN’S THE REASON.  For us it was a chance to see my nephew Lt. Col. Mike and his family.  We had met Amy only once, at their wedding and had yet to set eyes on their kiddies, David and Katie.  The FamCamp at the Air Force base ... Read more >

Catching Up: Colorado and the Dakotas

USA | Thursday, 30 Jun 2016 | Views [198]

MAY SEEMED LIKE A SAFE TIME to return to Colorado, the place we think of as Home.  But the nearer we got, the colder it grew and we arrived at Buckley Air Force Base under gray skies with flurries.  We were the only campers who had the foresight ... Read more >

Photos: Colorado and the Dakotas

USA | Sunday, 1 May 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Catching Up: Texas

USA | Saturday, 23 Apr 2016 | Views [233]

IT'S OCTOBER ALREADY — where does the time go? — and we’ve been back in the USA for so long I almost forget that we ever left.  RV-living apparently agrees with us and we with it.  Some of you have noticed the absence of ... Read more >

Photos: More Texas (It Is Big, After All)

USA | Friday, 11 Mar 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Trinidad and Tabago

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO | Sunday, 6 Mar 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Asa Wright

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO | Thursday, 3 Mar 2016 | Views [271]

ASA WRIGHT.  ASA WRIGHT.  EVERY BIRDER   going to Trinidad repeats Asa Wright as if it was a holy mantra.  In actuality, Asa Wright is a rather small resort in the hills, not especially luxurious, but THE birding destination.... Read more >

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