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vagabonds3 "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness." Mark Twain

Shimuzu and Kobe

JAPAN | Friday, 2 Aug 2019 | Views [60]

CRUISE TRAVEL HAS ONE BIG PROBLEM — PORTS.  While some ports-of-call are purpose designed for cruise lines, others are commercial seaports where cruise ships are tolerated.  Maasdam, being one of the smaller cruise ships, can dock at ... Read more >

Photos: Japan Cruise

JAPAN | Tuesday, 30 Jul 2019 | Photo Gallery

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Welcome to Japan

JAPAN | Monday, 29 Jul 2019 | Views [97]

FOR NEARLY 36 HOURS WE SLITHERED THROUGH FOG, accompanied every two minutes — as required by maritime law — by a blast on the Maasdam’s horn.  Gloomy though it was, Connie completed her daily 6-miles trudge on deck.  She ... Read more >

Photos: Russia

RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Friday, 26 Jul 2019 | Photo Gallery

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Friday, 26 Jul 2019 | Views [87]

EVEN OUR “TRAVEL AND CRUISE DIRECTOR, LANCE” — as he refers to himself — found Petropavlovsk a mouthful to pronounce.  It begins to make sense when one realizes the city is named for Peter and Paul — not the saints ... Read more >

Screwed Again

USA | Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019 | Views [82]

VIETNAM VETERANS OFTEN BEMOAN THE LACK of fanfare upon their return to the “Land of the Big PX.”  And I guess I’m no exception. I returned from Vietnam on 24 July 1969, 50 years ago yesterday and, damn it, I deserved a celebratory ... Read more >

Almost Nome

USA | Sunday, 21 Jul 2019 | Views [71]

THE BERING SEA WASN’T MUCH ROUGHER than the Gulf of Alaska and Maasdam took it in stride.  In order to make our ETA in Nome, 36 hours due north of Dutch Harbor, Captain Jutten upped our speed to 18 knots and, judging by the spray on deck, ... Read more >

Dutch Harbor

USA | Friday, 19 Jul 2019 | Views [86]

AS THE PUFFIN SHUFFLES, IT’S ABOUT 700 MILES from Kodiak to Unalaska and Dutch Harbor, a fishing port best known from the TV show, Deadliest Catch.  Wizard, Northwestern and the other crab fishing boats weren’t in when the Maasdam docked ... Read more >

Kodiak in the Sunshine

USA | Wednesday, 17 Jul 2019 | Views [103]

A WHILE AFTER WE LEFT SITKA ON MONDAY EVENING, Connie and I watched as the harbor pilot Cirque du Soleil-ed from the Maasdam’s rope ladder onto the launch that would return him to port.  His isn’t a job to envy in heavy seas. ... Read more >


USA | Monday, 15 Jul 2019 | Views [109]

WE WERE AWAKENED AT 4AM BY THE BLARING of the Maasdam’s emergency alarm.  No, we hadn’t collided with an iceberg Titanic -style, rather a smoke alarm detected an electrical overload.  The captain reassured us that the crew had ... Read more >

Ketchikan and Misty Fjords National Wilderness

USA | Sunday, 14 Jul 2019 | Views [119]

THE CAPTAIN DID A WONDERFUL JOB OF PARALLEL parking in Ketchikan, squeezing the Maasdam between the Celebrity and Carnival ships, while another, smaller, cruise ship is anchored offshore.  It isn’t yet 8AM and we can see hoards from the ... Read more >

Photos: Alaska

USA | Saturday, 13 Jul 2019 | Photo Gallery

Cruising Alaska, Russia and Japan
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Seattle to Ketchikan

USA | Saturday, 13 Jul 2019 | Views [101]

WE ARE GETTING PRETTY COMFORTABLE USING UBER.  As simple as the ap is, it’s still a little foreign to old farts like me.  But we successfully took Uber from Seattle’s Union Station to SeaTac, where we rented a car, then drove to ... Read more >

Coast Starlight

USA | Thursday, 11 Jul 2019 | Views [113]

YOU CAN SEE THE BEST OF AMERICA ON AMTRAK.  And some of the worst, too.  The Rockies, the California Coast and the Cascades are beautiful.  Likewise Union Stations in both Denver and LA.  Unfortunately you must enter the cities through ... Read more >

Hooray For Hollywood

USA | Monday, 8 Jul 2019 | Views [108]

HOLLYWOOD BECKONED AND WE COULDN’T RESIST — even though I admit I didn’t know half of the starred names on the Walk of Fame.  But first we had to stop at the Frank Gehry designed Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Gehry, you may ... Read more >

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