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vagabonds3 "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness." Mark Twain

The Sierras

USA | Sunday, 1 Oct 2017 | Views [185]

MAMMOTH IS A POPULAR DESTINATION for well-heeled Angelenos.  They come for snow sports in winter and for hiking, biking, fishing and golf when the snow has gone.  One of the year-round attractions is Devils Postpile National Monument, a volcanic ... Read more >

Vietnam: Still No Answers

USA | Saturday, 30 Sep 2017 | Views [325]

LIKE MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WE HAVE BEEN watching the Vietnam War series on PBS.  As a veteran myself I was hoping Ken Burns’ presentation would shed some light on my ambivalent feelings about my service but after ten episodes I am just as ... Read more >

Photos: Sierra Nevadas (Sierras , Nevada and Utah)

USA | Friday, 29 Sep 2017 | Photo Gallery

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

USA | Monday, 25 Sep 2017 | Views [208]

THE GAMES COULD HAVE BEEN PLAYED IN three different countries.  SafeCo Field in Seattle had a definite Asian feel.  All of Seattle feels like a little UN.  No wonder Ichiro was so revered as a Mariner.     Petco Field, ... Read more >

Around the Bay

USA | Saturday, 23 Sep 2017 | Views [110]

STAYING AT THE TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE “Famcamp” isn’t really convenient to anyplace in the Bay Area.  It’s a nice place, however, and the $20 a night charge takes the sting out of the commute.  We never became comfortable ... Read more >

Whales of California

USA | Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017 | Views [162]

IT WOULD BE ONE HELL OF A COINCIDENCE if Shearwater were her given surname.  Shearwaters are one of the main species that Deb Shearwater, the legendary guide for pelagic birds in northern California, searches for.  Though not the ship’... Read more >

Photos: San Francisco

USA | Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017 | Photo Gallery

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Here Comes the Sun — There Goes the Sun

USA | Tuesday, 5 Sep 2017 | Views [158]

BACK IN THE 60s WHEN IT WAS PC TO LAUGH at Bill Cosby, the comedian joked it rains so much in Seattle that people don’t tan, they rust.  When the sun does come out, they think they have somehow offended the gods.  Well, this year the ... Read more >

Photos: Birds of Paradise

PAPUA NEW GUINEA | Saturday, 2 Sep 2017 | Photo Gallery

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Birds of Paradise — Papua New Guinea

PAPUA NEW GUINEA | Wednesday, 30 Aug 2017 | Views [167]

IN CASE YOU’RE WONDERING ABOUT THE BIRD PHOTOS, Connie took a birding trip to Papua New Guinea in mid-August, sans moi,.  The reasons I didn’t go along are many — leeches, jungly mountains, beta-blockers and a dislike of ... Read more >

Around Puget Sound (or Whatever)

USA | Sunday, 6 Aug 2017 | Views [209]

LITTLE DID WE KNOW AS WE BOARDED THE FERRY from Anacortes to Friday Harbor that we were sailing upon the Salish Sea,  This “official” designation was given to 5500 square miles of Puget Sound, the Strait of San Juan de Fuca and the ... Read more >

North Cascade National Park

USA | Monday, 31 Jul 2017 | Views [152]

THE FORECAST FOR THE OLD MINING TOWN of Winthrop called for fair weather but they hadn’t taken the rash of forest fires into account.  (As I write this 3 weeks later, it is still fair and they are still burning.)  We spent the week at ... Read more >

Lesser-Known National Park Sites

USA | Thursday, 27 Jul 2017 | Views [311]

NOTHING SEEMS TO BE NEARBY IN SE WASHINGTON.  We had to drive 150 miles from our camp in Richland to the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument near Kimberly OR — this was as near as we would be, Connie needed its stamp in her book and it ... Read more >

Manhattan Project Hanford "B" Reactor National Historic Park

USA | Sunday, 23 Jul 2017 | Views [91]

EINSTEIN GAVE THE WORLD THE THEORY that E=mc 2 — the Manhattan Project gave us the proof.  Scientists disagreed about how to go about releasing all that energy.  One school thought that the answer was enriched uranium, U 235 ... Read more >

Eastern Washington

USA | Thursday, 20 Jul 2017 | Views [159]

AND A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT — THE COLUMBIA River, that is.  It always has and despite the efforts of the Bureau of Reclamation, it always will.  Spokane owes its existence to the Columbia and Eastern Washington would be nothing but sagebrush ... Read more >

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