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2 Jan loei

THAILAND | Friday, 2 Jan 2015 | Views [390]

tried more pix.  again random.       last night was even LOUDER, what did you say?   then last night.   more discoy thumping drum etc.    they enjoying themselves big family and friends event.      ... Read more >

Tags: bike

1 jan phu ruea

THAILAND | Thursday, 1 Jan 2015 | Views [366] | Comments [1]

gosh not sure spelling.   huge spot of destination tourists.    partly they promote fact of temperate climate.  and it at entrance of Nat park.   at any rate lots of motels. and all of them Full or way high priced ... Read more >

Tags: bike

31 dec

THAILAND | Wednesday, 31 Dec 2014 | Views [317] | Comments [2]

cool start short day.  up daown             pretty country but so smoky.  ever4yone has little smooky leaf and branch fires to burn up debris.      there is Alot of traffic on the move.  we ... Read more >

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30 dec dan sai

THAILAND | Tuesday, 30 Dec 2014 | Views [268] | Comments [1]

left just as getting light enough.   take while to find some breakfast along the way.  see shops but none ready, often at this time water for noodle soup, the usual isnt hot enough yet. We’ve been told this some few times.    ... Read more >

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29 dec nakon thai stayed over

THAILAND | Monday, 29 Dec 2014 | Views [279] | Comments [2]

this morn such a very lovely walk.   just at sun up out along small dirt lane we are living on.  web of little roads and lanes throughout the fields.  breezy, and the light at a slant across, farm and field.  few tamarind orchards, ... Read more >

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28 dec nakon thai

THAILAND | Sunday, 28 Dec 2014 | Views [219]

quickie.  hope each of you is well and enjoying your days.    quieter sleep, mrk for food.  not long miles.  wind in your faces some times strong.  busier road.  but continues good shoulder.  lovely country side.... Read more >

Tags: bike

27 dec chat trakan

THAILAND | Saturday, 27 Dec 2014 | Views [277] | Comments [2]

unsure of spelling of town.    lets see if i can remember where i was last    nice night market.   not huge variety but enjoy the interactions as i bring my cup to use instead of taking away little plastic bags.... Read more >

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nam pat 25 dec

THAILAND | Thursday, 25 Dec 2014 | Views [197]

so left Na Noi cold morning  numerous layers and bought some gloves. misty and took while to warm up. days are quite  hot.                                  ... Read more >

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22 dec na noi

THAILAND | Monday, 22 Dec 2014 | Views [314] | Comments [1]

hello friends  just uploaded three more pix.     ok back to Nan.  bit of rush around preparing.   meet with Keith again re mapping new plan.  sunday morn had time to go by wat had wanted to visit.  could have stayed ... Read more >

Tags: bike

20 dec nan

THAILAND | Saturday, 20 Dec 2014 | Views [259] | Comments [2]

return guest house met delightful man just about to leave.  older man from wales had traveled alot teaching english.  such interesting person.   sleep slow to come with disco in next street and dogs and ususal.  oh for got to mention ... Read more >

Tags: bike

20 dec nan

THAILAND | Saturday, 20 Dec 2014 | Views [286]

is it solstice or is that tomorrow.   going go over what i lost.  so some repeat here.  but i want it for my own log later. so skip on if read enough with overview. so there i was at Ginas in Phrae.   fowl farm  bit noisy ... Read more >

Tags: bike

19 dec nan

THAILAND | Friday, 19 Dec 2014 | Views [253]

short. lost lst note !  big  fat ARG.  anyway a very long 90 k day not as much hill as feared though.  really cold leaving this morn.  not far stop in little town on way got to warm up by a little roasting fire.  ... Read more >

Tags: bike

17dec past phrae

THAILAND | Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014 | Views [189] | Comments [2]

quickie cause late.  sticky keys.     5 30: an often morning message on loud speaker.  next had to cut my lock cable to leave as key Would NOT  unlock it.  broken   hotel had dull wire clips  almost got it and ... Read more >

Tags: bike

dec 16 uttradit

THAILAND | Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | Views [282] | Comments [2]

hello friends.   thank you for coming along and love getting notes :)      had fun at mrkt last eve with food.  as i mentioned i have a cup i take.   they laugh at me but willing put my what ever in there.    small ... Read more >

Tags: bike

15 dec phi chai

THAILAND | Monday, 15 Dec 2014 | Views [267] | Comments [1]

hello friends,   quick update.   stayed in Phit.  a day.   nice early morning walk along river.  up one side down the other.  many people out jog walk etc.   came to very touristy temple complex.   many tours vans ... Read more >

Tags: bike

12/13 phistanalouk ( hmm spelling)

THAILAND | Saturday, 13 Dec 2014 | Views [211]

is pronunced somthing like, pit sa noo lok.  as told to me this morn by english speaking thai man, interested in me as we each leaving hotel.  yesterday aft walked about looking for night mkt.  found several streets with special mkt and ... Read more >

Tags: bike

12/12 Phichit

THAILAND | Friday, 12 Dec 2014 | Views [325] | Comments [3]

hello dear friends.  wonderful to have you along with me :)  thanxz for comments.  good day today.   not so far so felt good, leisurely to explore along way alitte.  water machine again first off.  great to find them.  ... Read more >

Tags: bike

11 dec hmmm near kao sai junction

THAILAND | Thursday, 11 Dec 2014 | Views [274] | Comments [4]

  left lop bure a couple long days, am riding good rural road.  this first day  very little commerce along road.   some small 'towns' across canal.   is flat mostly treeles and HOt.   not alot of traffic pleasant in general ... Read more >

hmmm i think 8 dec lop buri

THAILAND | Monday, 8 Dec 2014 | Views [202] | Comments [1]

stayed here and slept. alot.   not feeling very well all night then just couldn't face getting up.  about 5 30 excerzies start over in lighted court.  nice familiar to hear.  then about 6 monkeys.  galloping through.  we ... Read more >

Tags: bike

7 dec lop buri

THAILAND | Sunday, 7 Dec 2014 | Views [193] | Comments [2]

hello dear friends.       hope this is some  entertainment for yous.        ahhh slept :)  the bird that says for real or surreal wakes me and of course roosters.           onto bike ... Read more >

Tags: bike

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