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15 dec phi chai

THAILAND | Monday, 15 December 2014 | Views [313] | Comments [1]

hello friends,   quick update.   stayed in Phit.  a day.   nice early morning walk along river.  up one side down the other.  many people out jog walk etc.   came to very touristy temple complex.   many tours vans and swarms of people.    across street is a mall but more historic old temple.  i went and listened to them chant abit.  lovely.      wonder around market for lunch.  is a very big two warehouse large building.  sections meat fish veg clothing prepared food  interspersed.  as well as the usual spilling out into the street with more of all of it.  plus of course a jam of motor bikes.

 here in this town a different moto transporter then i have seen.   muscle moto on steroids.  person sitting about 4 or 5 feet up on top of large tire bike.  then large 'truck' bed in front.  its a larger mover of goods some have a flat bed in back instead of front.   its not as big as pick up truck but  louder i suppose more maneuverable.  and with all motos  expect right of way.  pedestrians those lowest on the traffic totem pole beware.  

tried to find museum but to no avail.  did just wander about and also alot of not much.         again too loud at night.  those aforementioned monstrosities work late and Early at market.   plus the neighbors to and froing and loud tv reporting endlessly.     just enough bother of mosquitoes to put self in little tent.   works fine but bit stuffy.            2 30 on just dozzy.  pack it up by light enough.  

good luggage loading day.  not hitting tire or my heel :)       40 mile doesn’t seem like far but seems long biking it.  no sign would commit to phi chai till last leg.  one after another small town 15 to 17ish k apart.  like these smaller roads.  today following 1275 for most of it then throws me to a different one so that i coming into town from opposite end i expected.    rice again today.  but alot of other crops, some of which i dont recognize.  corn. hmmm so see popcorn sold and corn on the cob quite alot but odd use of crop space.    some parts of day very little traffic quiet, nice.   noticing how farmers live different countries or parts of the same country.  

whats large in a small town.  here lots hard ware and equipment repair.  large depots for rice transfers, processing.  noticing what music i hear.   not alot just out and about.  usually at garage repair or tire service that time thing.  pretty much your standard rock of the ethnic variety where ever i am.    ask about hotel here, as there is one listed as existing on my map.  one man say oh 1 mile back that a way.   ask again   fortunately oh just two blocks by train station.  oh much better!    settled. out to post cards. ask at store man say oh too far to walk.  300 meters.   but then when i did walk didn’t seem even that far.  now soooon for perusing the food options.     Uttradit  close  see what i find in between.   hope all is well in your world

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Thanks for taking the time to post....I know you'd rather be out walking-snacking! Reading the posts floods me with visceral memories of smells, sounds, attempts to sleep thru the cacophony....all is well here. Back from trip to Portland, now more readiness for holidays with family. Bill had accident, fell asleep traveling up Peoria Road and drove right thru Hwy 34 intersection, hitting a stop sign and knocking down a power pole....car totaled, he miraculously is fine.....phew!
Hugs and love, C

  Claire Dec 16, 2014 1:54 AM

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