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CHINA | Wednesday, 16 Jan 2008 | Views [562] | Comments [1]

Memories that first come to mind Pakistan - the hospitality of the people, glaciers, snow covered mountains, desert passes, people of Kailash, climbing a mountain for 7 hours when all I wanted to do was pass out because I was sick, Mastuj-meeting ... Read more >

Tags: People


CHINA | Wednesday, 16 Jan 2008 | Views [294]

I am thankful for having this opportunity to see the live's of others. I am thankful for having the funds to expense a trip for four months. I am thankful to my family and friends for accepting my free spirit side and understanding the needs of an ... Read more >

Tags: Philosophy of travel

Hong Kong

CHINA | Wednesday, 16 Jan 2008 | Views [269]

The british love hill stations. Hong Kong is another place that is built amongst mountains, hills and surrounded by water. What a beautiful place...especially the island with the Big Bhuddha. I wish I had more time to visit the islands. Between ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Penang, Malaysia and Indonesia

CHINA | Wednesday, 16 Jan 2008 | Views [483]

I didn't think I would go this route. I was ready to go back to Cambodia, Krabi and Phuket. I somehow am going to Penang in route to Sumatra, Indonesia. If I don't go with Kelly, I won't make it to Indonesia or the Philippines on the trip. I'm ... Read more >

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Back Home

USA | Monday, 14 Jan 2008 | Views [420]

I am glad to be home.  There is no place like home.  Let's find out how long I say this for.  The first thing I did when I got home was unpack, do laundry, and shower.  The next thing I did was order Dominoes Pizza.  It's been four months since I"... Read more >

Tags: Snow


PHILIPPINES | Tuesday, 8 Jan 2008 | Views [358]

I can't believe I made it here.  The people are great.  They are happy, friendly, helpful and caring.   I only have 3 days.  I came to scout and visit the Banaoe Rice Terraces.  If I had more time I would pay a visit to the islands Palawan, Cebu, and ... Read more >

Tags: Culture


SINGAPORE | Sunday, 6 Jan 2008 | Views [243]

2 days is all you need here.  The underwater world aquarium is best in the world.  I got to touch the skin  of manta rays.  I went through a water tunned with sharks, eagle rays, manta's and huge fish swimming on top.  I saw the biggest fish in the world.... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Islands of Thailand

THAILAND | Tuesday, 4 Dec 2007 | Views [634]

No I didn't make it to Krabi and Phuket because I decided to join Kelly in the southern islands of Thailand...closer to Malaysia. If I did not meet her then I would most probably never her see her again. I'm on Ko Lanta thinking she is here. ... Read more >

Tags: relaxation

Bangkok, Cambodia and Laos

THAILAND | Friday, 16 Nov 2007 | Views [562]

Wow, It has been a while since I have added a story. From Nepal our journey took us to Southeast Asia. We flew via Royal Nepal, an airline that is notorious for cancellations and mishaps. Leaving Nepal is difficult because there seem to be 2 international ... Read more >

Tags: sightseeing


NEPAL | Tuesday, 13 Nov 2007 | Views [490]

Although we are now in Penang.  I thought it would be nice to tell the tales of our adventure in Nepal.  I may have mentioned in a previous email but from Lhasa we hired a jeep with a group of travelers and crossed the Tibetan Plateau into Nepal.  Recently, ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


CHINA | Wednesday, 7 Nov 2007 | Views [375]

I have always wanted to come here. It is a spirtual calling that has always drawn me close to these people. Kelly and I took a 30 hour train to Chengdhu. It is not as bad as it sounds. We took a sleeper and occupied our times with learning Chinese, ... Read more >

Tags: The Planning Phase


CHINA | Wednesday, 31 Oct 2007 | Views [740]

I can't believe we made it to Tibet! It seemed to be impossible but we met a tour agent who gave us a permit and booked our tickets. Air China all the way. Airport was a breeze except when we had to go back to check the knife we used to cut our ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, tibet


CHINA | Saturday, 20 Oct 2007 | Views [424]

Took a sweet softsleeper to Shanghai from Beijing.  We watched the chefs on the train prepare our meal.  It was the best fish we had on our trip.  Arrived to a city filled with bakeries...Kelly gorged on egg custard something while I waited and waited ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


CHINA | Tuesday, 16 Oct 2007 | Views [323]

We are here in Beijing...what has become my favorite city so far into our journey.  Our trip has included a visit to the Forbidden city, Summer Palace and the Great Wall of China.   The Summer Palace is a huge area built for the emperors to escape the ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


PAKISTAN | Tuesday, 2 Oct 2007 | Views [381] | Comments [1]

Oh, Pakistan....a distant memory now....a place we first had sheep cheese pie and yak bbq.  Obviously my "I only eat chicken diet" has been put on hold for experimental purposes...and to not offend the hosts.  When Kelly and I reflect on Pakistan ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


CHINA | Tuesday, 2 Oct 2007 | Views [367]

I failed to mention we made it to the middle of no where. Kashgar is one of the those places, historically speaking, which is really famous. During the silk trade, it was the city where people met every Sunday to trade from four countries bc of ... Read more >

Tags: adventures


UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 11 Sep 2007 | Views [276]

When leaving New York, Kelly and I booked a ticket with a connector in London.  It was about a 6 hour lay over.  We decided we would take advantage of our free time so immediately after clearing immigration we booked it to the underground.  Took the ... Read more >

Tags: Airports

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