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PAKISTAN | Tuesday, 2 October 2007 | Views [386] | Comments [1]

Oh, Pakistan....a distant memory now....a place we first had sheep cheese pie and yak bbq.  Obviously my "I only eat chicken diet" has been put on hold for experimental purposes...and to not offend the hosts.  When Kelly and I reflect on Pakistan we feel it is one of the most untouched beautiful places in the world.  It still has all of it's natural resources in the same place they were always found...on the earth.  China is very different....it is plunging in to it's land to find all of its natural resources and using it to sustain a population that is growing extremely fast. 

I still can't believe I went to a place where the people in the northern region still live their lives the same way they did for hundreds of years-Shimshaal.  Despite invasions....no one has managed to change their traditions and daily rituals.  They grow what they eat, harvest for the winter, herd goats and sheep, cook by a fire, and walk for miles to get what they need.  They even built the last road in Pakistan to connect their village to the closest major town Gilget....which is 4 hours away.  It took them 40 years to complete.  These people pride themselves on being self sufficient, educated, and being mentally/physically strong.  They are a testiment to the human spirit. 

Yes, the land and people are beautiful but I never got used to the woman in much of Pakistan never leaving their homes.  They must always be accompanied by a male if they do and must cover their faces.  We went sometimes for days without seeing a female.  As female foreigners the people are understanding that we are an exception to there cultural ways. We had no problems but I felt sympathetic for the woman and the children who many times were never to be seen except when we entered homes. 

The country is beautiful and the people warm and hospitable, unfortunately, they live in a place where religion dictates their lives and if somebody strays, they will be held accountable.  We were there during Ramadan or ramazan as they call it.  We of course did not have to follow but if you were Pakistani and did not fast many would judge and make comments. 

After our experience here...we will never take for granted our religious freedom and our independence. 

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hey Rip,
did u mentioned the traditional of Pakistan Or the tradion of the Shimshal?. plz clear it for me then i will give my comments.

  Murtaza Nov 3, 2007 2:20 AM

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