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NEPAL | Tuesday, 13 November 2007 | Views [493]

Although we are now in Penang.  I thought it would be nice to tell the tales of our adventure in Nepal.  I may have mentioned in a previous email but from Lhasa we hired a jeep with a group of travelers and crossed the Tibetan Plateau into Nepal.  Recently, I met people who actually hitchhiked their way....quite amazing because it is pretty desolate.  

The way of life in Nepal felt very similar to Gujurat.  The people I felt even resembled Gujurati's or vice-versa.  As we made our way to Kathmandu by jeep, we were blown away by the majestic towering green and roaring light bluish colored rivers making their way from Tibet.  It truly is a place where the mountains meet the heavens or the land is so high it touches the sky.   

Thamel in Kathmandu was our temporary home.  A tourist trap filled with North Face products, the authenticity to be clearly questioned, trekking equipment and Nepalese hats.  I sought comfort in the German Bakeries and Kelly in the international food stores.  It is confusing at first because every street looks similar and the area is not exactly logically planned.  I think we all got confused even the last days we were there. 

I forgot to mention in the jeep border crossing.  We made friends who would accompany us in our travels all the way to Bangkok.  John, Mayumi, Gram, Annie, Kasha, and Adrien.  John has been traveling for over 20 years.  He is from the states but lives in Guatemala.  Mayumi is our young japanese friend who is an inspiring fashion photographer.  Gram is a professor in Sydney, Annie an indonesion with so much pride for her home that we are strongly considering the journey.  Kasha and Adrien are married originally from Poland but living in the Chicago for several years.  Their journey was through the transiberian railroad into Mongolia then China.  The said they loved it.  I believe them.  I hope in the future to experience this then land in Beijing which I surprisingly enjoyed. 

Of course in the land of Nepal...it behooves you to do some type of trek.  Now what is trekking exactly.  I would call it walking for an extended period of time over a variety of planes.  It tests your stamina, energy reserves, high-level coordination, ability for your mind and body to execute safe foot-work and safety.  In areas of altitude it is a necessity we found to trust your instincts and respect the signals your body gives.  We heard stories of people not making it. 

We opted for less days and nothing grueling.  Walks through the village leading to the springs.   Paragliding...yes....I was in the sky.  Remember when I mentioned respecting your bodies signs and symptoms.  Well, the evening before...I wasn't feeling well.  Getting a cold and I was on strong medication to combat lingering giarrdhea.  15 minutes into the take off I had a headache, starting feeling dizzy, and then nausea.  I was trying to be a trooper and make it through the 45 minute tandem flight but I knew I was going to hurl if I didn't ask him to make the descend.  I have never in my life felt soo miserable in the air.  It took about 15 minutes sitting with  my face in the lake to recover.  I suspect the altitude had a huge effect on my well being.  What I learned is some people enjoy air and some water.  I like both but for next time I plan to do my homework first and learn about the physiological effects of hang-gliding which I would like to try. 

The Mandir...apparently I went to the holiest and biggest Shiva Temple in southeast asia.  I was escorted by an unknown who explained each of the ritualistic acts I performed form touching every shivling through a long and windy path.  To pouring water and other stuff on coconuts while giving blessing to my mom, dad, pankil, jay, ami and the new baby.  Originally, he said my parents but I added in the remainder of my family bc I care..so maybe if they get this message they will keep in touch better. 

Off to Bangkok...It was quite funny but we ended up booking a flight on Royal Nepal Airlines...notoriosly known for delays!  This story will be continued in the Bangkok headliner.  

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