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Lost Umbrella

CANADA | Saturday, 12 Jul 2008 | Views [622]

I finally managed to lose something. My umbrella and just at the end of my trip. I met a new yorker Linda and we had both ventured off to the Volcan Poas. It was then I either forgot it on the bus or at the volcano. Oh well. It's hard to realized that ... Read more >

Back in Costa Rica

CANADA | Saturday, 28 Jun 2008 | Views [419]

First off, I believe I need to re-write about my trip to panama. I was in such a rush before i was unable to truly describe the shinanigans of Bocas and Panama City. Here we go: I had decided to stay at Rocking J´s for a night in P.V mean while there ... Read more >

meandering thru panama city

CANADA | Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | Views [656]

I do not believe i have mentioned the lovely gift Bocas decided to take away from me. My voice. I have been sounding like Kathleen Turner? I think that's the actress with the deep raspy voice, for the past week. I believe today I am a mite better but ... Read more >

I{m not nude in that picture...

PANAMA | Saturday, 21 Jun 2008 | Views [1044]

I am currently in Bocas del Toro in Panama. Got here on tuesday where we learn that there is an 80¨s party! It was grand got tons of pics and here is where my title comes in. I completely forgot that I did not put on my bikini so i stripped to jump in ... Read more >

Off on my own

CANADA | Monday, 16 Jun 2008 | Views [498]

       Alrighty I am in Cahuita again. But this time i tend to take my time in the lovely town. Last night I stayed at Hotel Pangea in San Jose. It was not all that pleasent as it was rep. in Lonely planet. I think people should stop going to places that ... Read more >

I hate goodbyes

CANADA | Saturday, 14 Jun 2008 | Views [441] | Comments [1]

Okay so it{s been awhile since i have written on this thing. Just not enough time really. Well been hanging out with the volunteers from ISV. Each group of volunteers last about 2 weeks so I have been working along side two groups. We began a new trail ... Read more >


COSTA RICA | Tuesday, 27 May 2008 | Views [499]

Save to say, julia made it. I was extremely worried since it past 6 o´clock and i didn´t hear from her or see her (there was suppose to be a 2 o´clock bus but then i hear it was cancelled or there was none, not toos ure). She didn´t arrive at the hostel ... Read more >

<still alive

COSTA RICA | Saturday, 17 May 2008 | Views [784]

<its been a few weeks since my last post. <letäs see what has happened, a new volunteer has joined me, <tom a young brit. what else ohh today new ppl will also be joining us about 12 or so. <however iäm in <san jose leaving for Quepos ... Read more >

hombre grande

COSTA RICA | Monday, 5 May 2008 | Views [6277]

That is the tree that ´I have for the pass 4-5 days been drinking. In english it´s called bitterwood. And yes it´s very bitter! I have been drinking this for my many mosquito bites. The tree is said to have a cleansing affect in the blood and allowing ... Read more >

mosquito food

CANADA | Sunday, 27 Apr 2008 | Views [564]

I clearly am well liked amongst themosquito. No matter what i do, spray a ton of deet i am littered/splattered with bites of all kinds. I have huge scars from them too cause i'msoo itchy! i cannot help it. I cover myself iwth calamine and yea still. ... Read more >

Hmmm.. Chocolate

CANADA | Wednesday, 23 Apr 2008 | Views [427]

So last night we made REAL chocolate. From the actual bean. We were told the whole process from the fermenation period to the actual grinding of the bean. It's sooo good and yes bitter because your getting 100% cocoa. It's also all organic the stuff ... Read more >

21 and plus mosquito bites later...

CANADA | Saturday, 19 Apr 2008 | Views [440]

Okay so as the title said over 21 mosquito bites, a couple of spider bites and some red marks on my arm. Oh and did i mention the heat rash? That's actually going away now (been a week at least). Hello all, hope all is well in Toronto? I hear that it's ... Read more >


CANADA | Tuesday, 8 Apr 2008 | Views [449]

Okay, So I found out today a bit more about my project. Unlike how i pictured. The nearest town isn´t just a 40 min bus ride from me. It is first an hour hike down a mountain to the nearest road, which then is a 20 min bus ride. Because of the dangers ... Read more >

7:50 am and still not boarded

CANADA | Monday, 7 Apr 2008 | Views [404]

So my flight started off with a delay, yes there was some mechanical thingy with my plane and didn´t get to go onto the plane till half an hour later. Upon boarding we learn from the pilot that there was some sort of flap on the plane that covers the ... Read more >

48 hours till departure

CANADA | Friday, 4 Apr 2008 | Views [552]

Alright. I have 48 hours give or take until I leave Canada for 4 months. I decided that this was most likely the best and easiest way to keep in touch with everyone. Having a massive email list would probably be tedious and I'm too lazy to add you people ... Read more >

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