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COSTA RICA | Monday, 5 May 2008 | Views [5210]

That is the tree that ´I have for the pass 4-5 days been drinking. In english it´s called bitterwood. And yes it´s very bitter! I have been drinking this for my many mosquito bites. The tree is said to have a cleansing affect in the blood and allowing the mosquito bites to disapear. Also since it changes your blood the mosquitos don´t like it as much. So far it´s been working (or so I tell myself that).

I was told that there are three things to be aware of in the rainforest where I am staying atÑ 1. Snakes, 2. Scorpians and 3. Bullet Ants )about an inch or so big. Supposably the poison of those ants last 24 hrs and the pain is sooo horrible it surpasses that pain chart (or so my brother tells me via wikipedia). I´ve seen those suckers. They look juicy.

Yesterday I had some organic-all natural pina (pineapple= and man was it different then from the yellow stuff you get in Canada. It´s really pale yellow and the thing was the size of my head (I got a picture of it=. Majority of hte food i eat is organic which i´m glad but also alot of it is fried. Seems costa ricans loved fried foods. It´s weird, the children think I¨M WEIRD for eatting raw carrots. they look at me and give me this distasteful look. They don´t like veggies period though.

Oh yesterday I ventured off with a couple of France to the waterfall that is near me. It´s about an hour hike to the waterfall, it´s huge and the trail to it is very steep. I saw a white face monkey, 800 year old tree and a bunch of blue morphos. I saw one today on the way down from the hill but I tried taking a photo and well didnt´quite get a good pic. I have been taking tons of photos esp. of the flora here. Lotsof artsy ones too so I can create some sort of collage back home. it´s a pity i can´t connect my camera here or anything )the only thing they let you do is skype).

On the 2nd of May was the birthday of a volunteer named Lowry (She´s american from Ohio) turned 22 so I baked a banana cake. Found a spanish recipe and turned out quite well, I took a couple of pictures of it and she suggested i get into food photography...i might the photos look delish! Oh that night i also had the rum called something rosa.. suppose to have won tons of awards )70 or so) so i´ll prob grab a few for home. Pablo told me he brought to the US 5 bottles. but of course he didn´t declare it. My spanish has greatly improved, I don´t walk around with a dictionary-pharsebook anymore (however sometimes i do need to look up a word or so) but I pretty much have some basic conversatonal skills. I just need to review some of the common pharse. Thankgoodness P.V and most of teh carribean side is english speaking. Hmmm I´m still coughing.. been 2'3 weeks now it´s horrible. But oh well. Hmm going to do some shopping today as well as spend some glorious hours in the sun on the playa. i hope toronto is doing well, i have´nt read any news on canada, cause when i was going to online on google. The entire page was spanish and i was too lazy. Anyways caio until next time.


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