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The places I go... Highlights, snidbits, monologues, fables, parables and other fabrications of a travelers' adventures near and far.

About mdcamps

Heading North!

Heading North!

Home Town: Guilderland, NY

Other Places Lived: Troy, NY; Sunnyvale, CA; San Francisco, CA; Menlo Park, CA; Alta, UT; Mountain View, CA; Midvale, UT.

Things You Should Not Know About Me:

1. The 'mdcamps' user name comes from a childhood saying of my father and my nickname.

2. I was a big baby, the doctor had to use forceps to pull me out.

3. My right foot is a full size larger than my left foot. And yes, I have 'slipped' a smaller left shoe into the shoe-box before checkout.

This Blog Is About: 

Anything I feel like adding to it while traveling the road of life; hopefully it will be a long journey with many amazing places explored. 

My Travel Map: