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Mark's World Tour 2007-08


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Day 120: Luang Prabang to Nong Khiaw

LAOS | Tuesday, 4 Mar 2008 | Views [977]

Tuesday 4th March The boat to Nong Khiaw was due to leave at 08.30, so I was out of the guesthouse by 07.00 or, had some breakfast and made my way to the riverbank from where the boat would leave. I was more than a little concerned on seeing the ... Read more >

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Day 118: Luang Nam That to Luang Prabang

LAOS | Sunday, 2 Mar 2008 | Views [877]

Sunday  2nd March I was up at 06.30, feeling like a complete zombie until I forced myself under the icy cold shower and felt instantly wide awake. I packed the rest of my stuff, paid for my room and met the guys for breakfast. Kara was staying for ... Read more >

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Day 111: Crossing into Laos

LAOS | Sunday, 24 Feb 2008 | Views [1596]

Sunday 24th February I was up about 06.30 and grabbed breakfast at the guesthouse, the only one there to enjoy the sunrise over the Mekong. The Laos side of the river was maybe a hundred metres or so away, and I knew it wouldn't take long to make ... Read more >

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Day 110: Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong

THAILAND | Saturday, 23 Feb 2008 | Views [2212]

Saturday 23rd February I was up and out of the guesthouse by 07.30, making my way to the bus terminal with the intention of getting the 08.30 direct bus to Chiang Khong, the border town from where I could cross the Mekong River into Laos. However, ... Read more >

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Day 107: Sukhothai to Chiang Mai

THAILAND | Wednesday, 20 Feb 2008 | Views [2434]

Wednesday 20th February The process of packing my bags and checking out of the many rooms I have stayed in has become so routine that it almost becomes automatic. After a while, you come across a system that works well: everything has it's place and ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 105: Ayuthaya to Sukhothai

THAILAND | Monday, 18 Feb 2008 | Views [2137]

Monday 18th February I didn't get the impression that there was too much to see in Ayuthaya to justify spending more than one night there. I was on the 'old ruins and temples' leg of my journey through Thailand, and had learned from my experiences ... Read more >

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Day 104: Kanchanaburi to Ayuthaya

THAILAND | Sunday, 17 Feb 2008 | Views [1063]

Sunday 17th February I checked out of the guesthouse and took a taxi to the post office to send some stuff home, and thankfully lighten the load slightly (although it has never got too bad). The staff there were extremely helpful and attentive, adding ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 101: Bangkok to Kanchanaburi

THAILAND | Thursday, 14 Feb 2008 | Views [1005]

Thursday 14th February I checked out of the room and put my luggage in the guesthouse storeroom before making the trip into town to do some of my 'chores'. First up was to buy the 'exchange order' for the Japan Rail Pass. Although I could have got ... Read more >

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Day 94: Khao Sok to Ko Tao

THAILAND | Thursday, 7 Feb 2008 | Views [1887]

Thursday 7th February I checked out of the hut and took a mini-bus from Khao Sok to the port town of Surat Thani, and from there I would get the boat to Ko Tao, where I was headed with the intention of doing my 'Open Water' diving certificate.... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 91: Ko Phi Phi to Phang-Nga

THAILAND | Monday, 4 Feb 2008 | Views [1857]

Monday 4th February I checked out of the guesthouse, grabbed some breakfast (the usual: eggs, chicken ham, toast) and then took a walk up to the viewpoint on the hill above the main part of Phi Phi. The view was stunning, worth the trek ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 89: Krabi to Ko Phi Phi

THAILAND | Saturday, 2 Feb 2008 | Views [706] | Comments [1]

Saturday 2nd February The pick-up collected me from the guesthouse at 09.00, and took me to a large coach which was packed full of people also going to catch the ferry to Phi Phi Island. The boat left at 10.15 and arrived at Phi Phi shortly before ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Days 85 & 86: The long road to Thailand

MALAYSIA | Tuesday, 29 Jan 2008 | Views [1093]

Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th January I was planning to make a move up to Thailand later in the day, so I got up, booked my bus ticket and checked out of the dorm. The bus was due to leave Tanah Rata at 18.00, drive west to a town called ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 83: Taman Negara to the Cameron Highlands

MALAYSIA | Sunday, 27 Jan 2008 | Views [2213]

Sunday 27th January The bus to Kuala Tembeling out of Kuala Tahan was due to leave at 08.00, so I arrived at the bus stop at 07.50, as advised by the tour agent the evening before. There was no sign of a bus or tour agent there to meet me, so ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 80: From KL to Taman Negara

MALAYSIA | Thursday, 24 Jan 2008 | Views [1340]

Thursday 24th January The tour operator (Han Travel) were due to pick me up outside the hostel at 08.00 to take me to the coach that was to go to Kuala Tembeling, and from there a boat would take us up the river to our final destination: Taman Negara ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 76: Singapore to Malaysia

SINGAPORE | Sunday, 20 Jan 2008 | Views [541]

Sunday 20th January The time had come to leave Singapore and move on to Country No. 3: Malaysia. There are many buses that travel between Singapore and the main cities in Malaysia, and my destination was to be Melaka, and old port town in the south-... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 61: Getting nowhere fast in Kerala

INDIA | Saturday, 5 Jan 2008 | Views [890]

Saturday 5th January I had planned out my route to Varkala, and it was to involve two bus journeys with a boat trip through the famous Keralan 'Backwaters' in between. So, not the most direct of trips, but it would give me the chance to see some beautiful ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 58:From Cochin to Kumily

INDIA | Wednesday, 2 Jan 2008 | Views [2127]

Wednesday 2nd January I was up at 07.00, packed my bag and got on the ferry from Fort Cochin to Ernakulam, then got the 10.30 bus to Kumily. I was told the journey would take about six hours, but just hoped that we would get there at least before sunset.... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 55: Moving onwards to Kerala

INDIA | Sunday, 30 Dec 2007 | Views [806]

Sunday 30th December I managed to get a few decent hours sleep. The earplugs once again did a good job, taking the edge off the snoring coming from a bunch of guys in the bunks opposite me. I knew the train wouldn't arrive in Ernakulam until after ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 54: Back on the road again

INDIA | Saturday, 29 Dec 2007 | Views [745]

Saturday 29th December The time had come for me to pack up my stuff and hit the road again. I had been in Goa for two and a half weeks, had a wonderful time and felt properly recovered from the busy period of travel that I had through Rajasthan ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 36: I thought I'd never get to Goa!

INDIA | Tuesday, 11 Dec 2007 | Views [806]

Tuesday 11 th December My train to Goa was due to leave Mumbai CST station at 06.55, and I got there around 06.20 to learn that the train was delayed and was re-scheduled to leave at 11.05. So, that wasn’t such a great start to this ... Read more >

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