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Trip: South America

There are [40] stories from my trip: South America

S America tips!!

CANADA | Saturday, 22 Sep 2007 | Views [759]

Alrighty, so I’ve been back in Canada for nearly two months now, and boy did that fly by! So did the trip, really; looking back, it feels like I barely even scratched the surfaces of Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Never do my dreams focus on one thing, ... Read more >

Tags: travel tips

Final Entry...

CANADA | Friday, 3 Aug 2007 | Views [801] | Comments [1]

WOW the last time I wrote was Montanita?! All right, just so everyone knows (because there may be a few people who were reading my journal who may not have yet been made aware of this); I'm back in Canada again! I had to change my flight to come ... Read more >

Tags: philosophy of travel

Montañita, my love

ECUADOR | Tuesday, 24 Jul 2007 | Views [572]

I'm here and it is beautiful! Okay, so not sunny as I was praying for (in winter it's just overcast all the time), but it's perfectly warm and it's such a nice teeny town! The tourist sector is it's own little corner of the town, just very compact ... Read more >

Tags: on the road

Finally on the move again

PERU | Saturday, 21 Jul 2007 | Views [383]

I'm out! I am safely and happily back in Lima :) My flight got in at 11am, and I have to wait until about 7pm for my bus to take me to Chiclayo. 12 hours (ugh), but that's okay...I got a comfy bus and I have sleeping pills so I should be fine! Then ... Read more >

Tags: on the road

What is going on?!

BOLIVIA | Friday, 20 Jul 2007 | Views [421]

I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!!!!! How does Bolivia work?! Okay, so I've been trapped in Rurrenabaque, Uyuni, and La Paz, and today I woke up at 8am to find out that La Paz has been shut down. The entire city. Protest. Every single store was closed...no markets, ... Read more >

Tags: culture

Road to Uyuni

BOLIVIA | Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007 | Views [489] | Comments [1]

Holy God. That was brutal. So it all started after a night out that lasted until nearly 9am. Breakfast, restless sleep until 5pm, met up with Matt (the Aussie guy I met in Cusco who had his hair braided and had arranged this tour with) and his 3 friends, ... Read more >

Tags: adventures

To anyone going to Bolivian Pampas

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 12 Jul 2007 | Views [981] | Comments [1]

This is urgent information for anyone planning to see the Pampas in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia: Do NOT wear insect repellent containing Deet. There have been huge numbers of anacondas being found dead in the wetlands due to tourists wearing Deet and then ... Read more >

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Las Pampas

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 12 Jul 2007 | Views [2007] | Comments [2]

Oh wow. So much to say. Okay, so it started Sunday. I awoke at 5am (on 5 hours of sleep, of course) and hopped into the taxi my travel agent had sent. Waited in the airport until almost 8 when me and some other tourists (including 2 Quebec girls and ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

All booked, I'm off to the pampas

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 5 Jul 2007 | Views [941] | Comments [3]

Well now! Look who's feeling all better (except for a still-runny nose and a bit of a sore throat, but that's not a big deal at all)! A big group of maybe 15 of us went out last night, dancing until almost 5 o'clock, having a grand old time tearin' ... Read more >

Tags: the great outdoors

Whew, I have friends

BOLIVIA | Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007 | Views [825] | Comments [1]

Okay. So I woke up, moved over to my hostel, but I was a little let down to see I'm in the new Annex, while the patio roof and party place is at the old hostel a couple of blocks away. But whatever, I can head over for drinks and stuff. So I spent ... Read more >

Tags: friends

Get better!

BOLIVIA | Monday, 2 Jul 2007 | Views [468]

Ugggh okay, having a brutally bad head cold while in the highest capital city in the world is NOT fun. I did manage to go out today to the Witch´s Market, though, and was that unique! Llama fetuses, dried toads, other mysterious carcasses...definitely ... Read more >

Tags: doctors, hospitals & health

Could sure you some SLEEP!

BOLIVIA | Sunday, 1 Jul 2007 | Views [1074] | Comments [2]

Getting from Cusco to Bolivia is a lot harder than you'd think. We booked our buses through the hostel's tour agency, Inca World. NEVER USE THEM. I'm not even going to bother typing out the other things that went wrong, but basically we arrived at ... Read more >

Tags: misadventures

Not bored yet!

PERU | Friday, 29 Jun 2007 | Views [502]

So I had from 10am at checkout until 10pm when my bus takes me away to Puno to spend the day, bored, because everyone I know and love has left for Machu Picchu and and my dorm was empty. Or so I expected. I was walking around the city for a little ... Read more >

Tags: people

Machu Picchu- what?

PERU | Friday, 29 Jun 2007 | Views [1594] | Comments [2]

As an extremely last-minute plan (12 hours prior to leaving), I ended up deciding to see Machu Picchu! No Inca Trail, no hiking, just the day tour. I actually did not even want to see it. I figured I had better things to spend USD$150 on, but went ... Read more >

Tags: adventures

Just a thought...

PERU | Tuesday, 26 Jun 2007 | Views [367]

I think I might go to Europe when I get home. I mean, I have until January (when I start school, hopefully) to do nothing, and I've been meeting so many cool Europeans on this trip, and it owuld be really fun to just work for a month or two, save up ... Read more >

Tags: The Planning Phase

Inti Raymi

PERU | Monday, 25 Jun 2007 | Views [599]

Last night we arrived in Cusco after a very brief stop in Arequipa (literally one evening, overnight, and leave at 7am), after an 11-hour bus ride that we had originally expected to last 6 hours. Surprise! We were wrong, as usual! But we got off the ... Read more >

Tags: party time


PERU | Saturday, 23 Jun 2007 | Views [668] | Comments [1]

I've left Lima with two Brits from my dorm room who were, coincidentally, also heading to Cuzco for the big festival on the 24th, and spent the night before last in Huacachina, the Oasis in the desert (it's literally a little tourist town built around ... Read more >

Tags: adrenaline

Lima, land of wonders

PERU | Wednesday, 20 Jun 2007 | Views [918]

Lima is beautiful! A population of 8 000 000 makes it incredibly massive, but it's definitely worth exploring. Chinatown, the biggest market I've ever seen in my life, endless restaurants, bars, and cafes, huge architectural buildings that are hundreds ... Read more >

Tags: sightseeing

Pillows and showers

PERU | Monday, 18 Jun 2007 | Views [460]

The last day is such a blur- I'm so tired right now. Out until 4:30am the night before last, slept for 4 hours, then was awake until roughly 8 this morning. At 7 in the evening yesterday, Patricia and I headed into Trujillo to buy our bus tickets. ... Read more >

Tags: on the road

Siete horas

PERU | Sunday, 17 Jun 2007 | Views [564]

Last night was just way rad...I think it's ridiculous the number of cool people you meet on the road! Me, Pat, Soloman Island guy (James), all the people who work at the surf shop, two guys I'd met in Mancora who are now here in Huanchaco, 2 hilarious ... Read more >

Tags: people

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