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NICARAGUA | Saturday, 8 Mar 2008 | Views [499] | Comments [2]

I awoke this morning to the friendly smile of Caryn Simmons, the amazing musician and human I´ve been with since Monteverde. Within moments we´d said our goodbyes, with hugs and love and sad smiles, and she was off to explore the city of Granada. Yesterday ... Read more >

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Well here we go!

CANADA | Monday, 11 Feb 2008 | Views [430] | Comments [2]

Well here I am, lying in my best friend's bed in Vancouver. The reality of leaving hit me hard upon waking this morning, and it's all I can do not to explode! When I first realized "Hey, I'm on a plane in less than 20 hours," I felt something ... Read more >

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Montañita, my love

ECUADOR | Tuesday, 24 Jul 2007 | Views [554]

I'm here and it is beautiful! Okay, so not sunny as I was praying for (in winter it's just overcast all the time), but it's perfectly warm and it's such a nice teeny town! The tourist sector is it's own little corner of the town, just very compact ... Read more >

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Finally on the move again

PERU | Saturday, 21 Jul 2007 | Views [364]

I'm out! I am safely and happily back in Lima :) My flight got in at 11am, and I have to wait until about 7pm for my bus to take me to Chiclayo. 12 hours (ugh), but that's okay...I got a comfy bus and I have sleeping pills so I should be fine! Then ... Read more >

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Pillows and showers

PERU | Monday, 18 Jun 2007 | Views [442]

The last day is such a blur- I'm so tired right now. Out until 4:30am the night before last, slept for 4 hours, then was awake until roughly 8 this morning. At 7 in the evening yesterday, Patricia and I headed into Trujillo to buy our bus tickets. ... Read more >

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Where are you, sun?!

PERU | Saturday, 16 Jun 2007 | Views [408]

Okay, I love traveling so much, but I hate leaving places behind. Which I suppose is really bad if you're backpacking, but it's just so depressing every time I leave. In every city so far, when I'm going that day, I feel so...down. I'm not sure why, ... Read more >

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Off to Mindo, finally!

CANADA | Thursday, 24 May 2007 | Views [365]

Well last night I ended up going to another Pub Quiz with Keith (Irish guy), Helen (British girl), Atlanta chick, and Melanie and Fabien (Swiss couple)! AND WE WON!! It was only me, Keith, and Helen on the team because it was a 4-person limit, and ... Read more >

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Touching down

ECUADOR | Friday, 11 May 2007 | Views [409]

Hooray, I had made it to LA for my 5-hour layover! The moment of joy was quickly shot down as I realized the task that lay ahead; finding anything. I asked seven different employees, receiving seven different (or nondescript) replies. Eventually, a ... Read more >

Tags: on the road

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