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Well here we go!

CANADA | Monday, 11 February 2008 | Views [431] | Comments [2]

Well here I am, lying in my best friend's bed in Vancouver. The reality of leaving hit me hard upon waking this morning, and it's all I can do not to explode! When I first realized "Hey, I'm on a plane in less than 20 hours," I felt something in the pit of my stomach. It was just like when I'd left for my last trip. Nervousness? No. Not really. Maybe more like anxiousness, excitement, the need to see the unknown head-on.

I hope that Costa Rica, Panama, and the Honduras will treat me as well as Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia have! So here's to dreamy beaches, sweltering rainforests, and chaotic cities!

Muah! Much love!!! I'll keep you posted if you do the same!

Miss my cat and my mom already, though I absolutely love how when I call, mum's voice is so filled with excitement...it's my favorite sound in the world <3

Joe...sad I didn't get to see you before I left, but we'll get together for Afghani food when I get back!

Auntie Brenda...hope you had a good trip, love you lots!

Angela, you crazy wanderer! Not exactly shocked we didn't end up getting together in Van, but it'll happen one of these days!

And Carolyn...happy birthday, baby!! I'm sorry I couldn't be there but hope you have an awesome day!

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I miss u lots already. You are lovely. Call me lots. Mama.

  Mama Feb 14, 2008 5:13 PM


Yay! thanks for the birthday cheer! it was awesome, only I crashed at like 8pm. 0_o I know.

Toby and I went out for dinner at Guu on Robson and Thurlow and we had an awesome dinner, the only thing is (and I don't think he noticed and I wasn't about to point it out to him cuz he's all girly about stuff like that) when we were almost finished our dinner this tiny wierd looking beetle (aah! I know!) came scuttling into my peripherals and I was all like "!" but I didn't want to upset toby and like no one seemed to notice it but me, and beetles honestly don't bother me and I still haven't gotten sick so I don't really care lol.

I think that the store is really clean and stuff, but because all their food is imported it prolly hitched a ride from mysteryville.
Anyways we got a coffee and headed home to watch some TV and I totally conked out at like 8, only to be woken up at 2am because toby was getting back into bed after applying for jobs in japan and I was all like "well I'm awake now...." and he was like "mhmm" all sleepy and I was like "its too late for bday sex isn't it?" and he was like "...we're out of condoms" and I was like SADFACE!!!!!! so now thats what I have to buy before heading home so as not to ruin vday XD XD

  Carolyn Feb 15, 2008 7:19 AM

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