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Quiet Time in Venice

ITALY | Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 | Views [509]

A week ago, I was nearly going to skip Venice, thinking I didn't really have much time to play with in Italy. It turns out I'm now spending five days in Florence and six days in Rome! Venice or Venezia is a pretty cool city. Being set on an island ... Read more >

Tags: boats, cities, european adventure, food, music, sightseeing, trains

A Pleasant Day in Provence

FRANCE | Wednesday, 12 Jun 2013 | Views [461]

I had a fabulous afternoon. After a nice sleep in today, I walked into the city centre to catch a bus to St. Remy de Provence. After doing some research last night and the long day I had, I decided against my original plan of seeing Aix-en-Provence, ... Read more >

Tags: art, buses, cities, european adventure, flowers, outdoors, sightseeing

Lovely Lyon

FRANCE | Tuesday, 11 Jun 2013 | Views [390]

Why visit a museum when the restaurants are all museums of Lyon's reputation? There is a popular saying in France that Paris may be the heart of France, but Lyon is her stomach. The city has a reputation of being the gastronomical centre of the country ... Read more >

Tags: cities, european adventure, food, sightseeing, trains

Meeting a Myth

FRANCE | Monday, 10 Jun 2013 | Views [343]

I'm finally in Avignon, a town in the beautiful region of Provence in France. It's been a dream of mine to visit the lavender fields one day that are synonymous with Provence, but unfortunately, that day has yet to come. I found out a little too late ... Read more >

Tags: cities, european adventure, flowers, friendly strangers, sightseeing, trains

Summer in Barcelona

SPAIN | Thursday, 6 Jun 2013 | Views [360]

It's my last day in Barcelona! The weather has been perfect - sunny, warm with blue skies and a gorgeous sea breeze. This is what I've been waiting for. Aah summer!! Barcelona or Barca, is a bustling city which seems even more popular with tourists ... Read more >

Tags: art, beaches, cities, european adventure, landmarks, sightseeing

En route to Barcelona

SPAIN | Sunday, 2 Jun 2013 | Views [288]

I'm travelling on yet another train. There will be a lot more of this. This time I'm going from Zaragoza to Barcelona on a slow regional train. Slow might put some people off, but I actually have enjoyed taking it easy, watching the scenery, having ... Read more >

Tags: cities, european adventure, sightseeing, trains

Leaving Madrid

SPAIN | Saturday, 1 Jun 2013 | Views [335]

Waking up at 6am to go to Zaragoza was a difficult feat. Before waking up, I was dreaming that my phone had become dysfunctional, ringing constantly. I battled with trying to make it stop - switching it off, taking the charger off, checking the ... Read more >

Tags: cities, european adventure, museums, sightseeing, trains

Merry in Madrid

SPAIN | Thursday, 30 May 2013 | Views [409]

Madrid has been such a pleasant surprise. Contrary to what I've heard, it is a beautiful city with the most amazing food. There's a lot to do here but you don't feel overwhelmed like in other big cities. Gazing at Spanish architecture, visiting ... Read more >

Tags: cities, european adventure, food, museums, sightseeing

Last Day in Paris

FRANCE | Sunday, 26 May 2013 | Views [463]

I have to be honest. I am feeling a little blue today. It feels strange being alone again after having my parents accompany me (sometimes grudgingly because I make them walk too much) for two and a half weeks. Seeing them leave today mean going back ... Read more >

Tags: art, cities, european adventure, food, friends, landmarks, museums, sightseeing

La Cité d'Amour

FRANCE | Tuesday, 21 May 2013 | Views [2195] | Comments [1]

It is true what they say. Paris is indeed beautiful. You find yourself constantly stopping to admire things and if possible, preserving the memory with a photograph for later. Even though it's raining and due to rain all week, this gorgeous city is still ... Read more >

Tags: airbnb, backpacking, bohemian, bucket list, cities, european adventure, family, public transport, sightseeing

First Stop: Amsterdam

NETHERLANDS | Thursday, 16 May 2013 | Views [439]

I have to admit before coming to Amsterdam, I thought the city was all about legal prostitution and pot. I was surprised each time someone told me it was beautiful. I was unsure when I read that it is a city of museums and chic cafés. Surely ... Read more >

Tags: airbnb, boats, cities, european adventure, family, flowers, nature, sightseeing

Viva Brazil

BRAZIL | Wednesday, 8 May 2013 | Views [455]

I feel like I will REALLY leave my heart in this gorgeous country.  Today's breathtaking memory: Dangerously perched at the edge of a rock, watching the waves violently crash and mingle at Joatinga at sunset. It was like watching fireworks but ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, bohemian, brazil, bucket list, cities, food, friends, landmarks, nature, sightseeing

Living La Vida Boca

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 25 Apr 2013 | Views [928]

I'm on my way to Iguazu on a 17 hour bus with Via Bariloche. Sitting in a cama seat is like business class on a bus. Leaving Buenos Aires was difficult. I made a wise choice picking Federico's home on AirBnB. Not only was I blown away by his very ... Read more >

Tags: airbnb, argentina, bohemian, buses, cities, dance, food, friends, music, sightseeing

I Heart NY

USA | Thursday, 4 Apr 2013 | Views [352]

It goes without saying, I've had a fantastic stay in NYC. On my last full day, I went back into my high energy self and walked around:   - Financial district, Battery Park and  9/11  Memorial  - TriBeCa and Greenwich ... Read more >

Tags: bucket list, cities, food, sightseeing, usa

Happy Easter from New York!

USA | Sunday, 31 Mar 2013 | Views [517]

I nearly skipped Easter mass today because I was slightly hesitant about going to a foreign church. I was unsure of how the mass would be, what the parish was like, what the dress code would be, among all the other things a fearful person might wonder ... Read more >

Tags: bucket list, churches, cities, friends, landmarks, music, nights out, public transport, sightseeing, usa


CANADA | Saturday, 23 Mar 2013 | Views [351]

It's been a month since I left sunny Brisbane. I'm currently in the trés cool city of Montréal. I wasn't sure if I liked it on my first day but I blame that on being tired and visiting the touristy area of Vieux-Montréal. I did ... Read more >

Tags: canada, cities, food, home, languages, nights out, sightseeing, snow, winter

Hello Canada!

CANADA | Tuesday, 12 Mar 2013 | Views [355]

I know I've been a bit silent (and slack!) ever since leaving Alaska. I can't believe how swiftly time flies - I'm at the end of my week in Vancouver This time around, I'm staying at my aunt's. It's been a lot more than ten years since I first ... Read more >

Tags: canada, cities, family, nature, sick, sightseeing, snow, snowboarding, winter

Last day in SF!

USA | Wednesday, 27 Feb 2013 | Views [361]

I spent my last day chilling out in the Mission District. It was refreshing to get out to somewhere without the tourists. I'm not entirely sure if you could call the Mission "da hood". But it reminded me of my favourite suburb in Brisbane - West ... Read more >

Tags: cities, landmarks, museums, public transport, sightseeing, usa

I'm in San Francisco!

USA | Sunday, 24 Feb 2013 | Views [383]

An interesting start to say the least - thanks to a few unexpected nuances.  Despite the hurdles, I'm here! :) I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan of SF yet. The roads, trams/trolleys/cable cars, hoards of tourists confuse me. It took quite ... Read more >

Tags: animals, cities, friendly strangers, landmarks, sightseeing, usa

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