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Good bye Cambodia, Heloo Thailand

THAILAND | Saturday, 20 November 2010 | Views [510]

Bangkok is exactly as crazy as I imagined it to be. Similar to places in Beijing, Shanghai and Hanoi, but it has this knowledge and attitude of its own mental functioning that makes it world renowned and notorious for this style of nightlife and freedom. I can’t imagine danger or upheaval here as everyone is smiling, friendly, open and in the streets. Music is blaring from clubs lined along the roadside, our dorm for the night is right beside koh san road, the infamous street here that contains everything you might ever need. It is less intense than I expected, probably because I’ve now lived in crowds a lot worse in China, than I have seen here in my one evening of walking around. Perhaps I wouldn’t mind coming back to spend longer, but probably not this trip round.


Leaving Siem Reap was a strange feeling, excited that we now have less than a month left of this trip, but also sad I couldn’t bathe in the wonder of the Angkorian temples more, or climb the nearby but too far away mountain, Phnom Kulen. Our last day there we went to Kbal Spean, a small waterfall fed by a stream which has carved ‘lingas’ on the riverbed. These are a collection of patterns, shapes and carvings in the rock that have been there for over a thousand years. Mostly covered by moss but still visible, we wandered around the area, occasionally in the stream, our toes touching the rounded lumps and circles, photos snapped with varying success, once again the digital machine is useless in clumsy hands.


We also visited Banteay Srei, which has intricate carvings in pinky sandstone; this sets it apart from the thousand or so other temples around Angkor. We noticed the detail, the carving immaculately preserved, the walls and surrounds in ruins. The colours were captivating and the faces of naga and statues protecting entrances all very beautiful. We had a Swedish girl, Cat, accompanying us and it was awesome having someone to wander with, as Josh and I tend to wander at very different paces, attracted to examining each and every figure and monument but working through the grounds in opposite directions.


That evening we met up with Greg and his mates and enjoyed our last delicious Khmer barbeque on the roadside, swarming with open air restaurants and people. This is the best place ever, absolutely to die for bbq, and stir fried prawn in Khmer spices-satay slash spiciness. So as to rise early and fresh, wee climbed into dingy, stuffy, netted beds, and woke to a long long as bus ride, all the way to Bangkok, Thailand. After a painful border crossing, waiting for hours in the heat, it was evident the mission would take about 4 hours longer than the 8 we were told. Watching the passing land I was unimpressed with Thai countryside, not as serene and picturesque as Laos and Cambodia, not as ordered as China’s and not as jungley as Vietnam’s, but slightly messy and unkempt looking. I’m sure this is but a first impression, and I look forward to seeing more of Thai nature at its best very soon.



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