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Kunming : I like it!

CHINA | Thursday, 21 October 2010 | Views [454] | Comments [1]

Arrived in Kunming, watched a movie with Joy, and relaxed into the warm welcome I have from this great couple here. Joy is originally from Anhui province, and Mark is Irish. They run the best bar for live music here in Kunming, and their couch is my bed until we move on to Laos. Any day now.

On that first night, we had a massive midnight feast at a seemingly dodgy but really fantastically delicious barbeque, and of course the rain came down hard during the meal, so we had a mad dash soaked and uphill before claiming the ever evasive winks I love but seem to have too much fun to get many of. I have had a wonderful few days relaxing, coffee and chats with Kas and John, a couple who used to live in Zhengzhou and are originally Ausie and Nevadan. They are both such warm kindhearted people who welcomed me in for sweet choco coffee, cheese and tomatoes on crackers and easy going chatter throughout the afternoon.

I seem to wander through this city nearly every time I have passed through (about four times in the last month?) so I’m getting to know my way around well, walking is easy and relaxing even though my feet might disagree, and I am adoring the lovely weather that has finally decided to come out. Blue skies and sun, stars and a stunning moon claiming the night.

Last night was great fun, with the guys back from Dali, QRBP played at the bar Joy and Mark run. We have decided to stay in Kunming until Sunday, so fun to be had at the HOOTNANNY on Saturday, full moon madness will be entertaining I’m sure.  Line dancing, bean spitting and Baozi* eating competitions plus live bluegrass music to get the crowd slapping knees and stamping feet.

Unfortunately my latest friend, a Serbian gypsy who has the life story of a three series novel, wont be here. I loved meeting an interesting face with a friendly smile, and stories to tell that made my jaw drop. Makes me wonder how as a traveler you have the power to create any history or person wherever you go, as nobody knows you and most people will probably believe you.

*BaoZi: steamed bun stuffed with something oily and delicious



Maxine and I are enjoying your travelogue!
Happy Birthday.

  Phil Nov 7, 2010 9:18 AM



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