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Ridin on the Marrakech Express.

MOROCCO | Saturday, 1 September 2007 | Views [3543] | Comments [9]

Hello! I have just come back from Marrakesh. It was very fun. It was super hot a lot of the time. One day it was 43 degrees. That was awesome.  I was reminded of home. There were a lot of cool things about Marrakech so I will mention them first. There were a lot of gardens. In these gardens there are cacti and palm trees. One garden was made by Yves St Laurent as a present to the city. It has a lot of blue.

There were stray kittens all over the place. They were super cute and also a bit mangy so you didn’t want them to ever touch you but appreciated their presence. There were also loads of pigeons. They were gross though. They would stand at the edge of the pool and groom. Yuk yuk yuk!

There were a couple of museums/galleries that were pretty cool. The best thing about them was the architecture. All of the buildings were very ornate. They had a honeycomb façade on the outside that is really intricate. There was an old Islamic school that was really nicely decorated. You went into the students rooms and they were all really small but quite nice.

People drove crazy. And the local people would just weave through six lanes of traffic. I thought on many occasions that I would die.

The markets were extensive and contained a vast range of different things. The funnest part was to go through the meat market where they had half cows strung up, unrefrigerated on the street. There were organs hung up in this one shop and I saw intestines, kidneys, a liver an oesophagus and a range of indistinguishable bits.

There was this fountain at the entrance to the park that had bits of rubbish floating in it. On a really hot day there were kids swimming in it. I took a picture.

The hotel took two bottles of water off me because I had purchased them offsite. I was incensed. Actually I got away with bringing loads of food in the hotel, but I was angry for about 3 days.

We mainly ate at places that were recommended in the guidebook BUT, there was this place just up the road from the hotel that smelled really nice when we went passed. It was really local. We decided to go there on the last day. We were the only females there and no one spoke English and there were no menus and everyone looked at us. I got feet meat. I don’t know what animal it can from but it was black bits of skin handing off bone a claws. It stank. We payed and left and went to get a sandwich.

The worst thing about Marrakech was being a spectacle. Everywhere you were looked at and talked to. The markets were terrible. You got hassled everywhere. I got a bit paranoid. I started just ignoring EVERYONE. I felt terribly rude but it really was not worth the bother.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves. School starts on Monday. But just for teachers. On Wednesday the kids come back which is my birthday.

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Hey hey,Sue, Tim first to post again!

Firstly, a very super big happy birthday for Wednesday!

Also, the camel you are riding in Marrakesh in the photo gallery has eight legs. (Ha, photo comedy is always funny)

Also, check out http://helleween.moonfruit.com if you have not already.

Kissees xx


  Timothy the Noble Brave Sep 2, 2007 7:30 PM


Hi Sue, Hope you have a very happy birthday on Wednesday. What a day to start work proper. Did you get hassled in Marrakesh because you were not wearing muslim dress or something? I still enjoy all your entries. Love Janet

  Janet Sep 3, 2007 3:23 AM



Have a brilliant day with your new students... it should be fun.

Love Helen

  H Sep 5, 2007 11:07 AM




hope you have a wonderful day

  Meli Sep 5, 2007 1:30 PM


hey yo yo how ya going suzie q,
its your day so happy birthday to you,
your birthday here so what you gonna do,
whatever happens ice will come too!

all my love to one of my biggest fans on her birthday

  Vanilla Ice Sep 5, 2007 1:39 PM


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! The city goes bang.

The City of White in the Aisle is celebrating like it was 1999,
The Thin White Duke who slays them in the aisles remembers he had had a good time.
NEVERTHELESS, the science students marvelled as they made some fairy floss,
But the sugary confection was not the centre of their goss.
So whilst the Scissor Sisters played with scissors, but never cut their hair,
Across the lake, for free, you could only just see, the Rolling Stones were there.
Travelling all about the globe there was, the centre of it all,
A dapper dresser, a crepe Susette, a walrus six feet tall.
They had come for many a mile, they had, to gaze upon this enigma,
She had evaded all the stereotypes, the labels and the stigmas.
So nobody holds a candle to the flapper from W.A.
If they did, she would simply sample it and check it's DNA.
So, this load of crap, is trying to say, Happy Birthday Sue!
And if we could, we would, get in, a birthday box addressed to you.

  Simon J. Sep 5, 2007 8:52 PM


I formally concur with all above sentiments and wish upon you, Susan Edith Fremantle Fahey, a most joyous Birthday celebration.

Yours super sincerely
Emo earnestly
Most very formally
Stuffily yours

  Tim Sep 6, 2007 12:01 AM


Happy Birthday for yesterday Sue.

But with this I bring sad tidings.

Pavarotti died today, i'm pretty sure.

  Ebony Sep 6, 2007 8:05 PM


you look very sexy in skirt.

  himi Mar 7, 2009 9:37 AM



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