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My super boring journal I would like some more pressed duck.

Deseo que podría ir en alguna parte ellos hablé ruso así que podría hacer un título en ruso.

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 10 November 2006 | Views [5466] | Comments [15]

You’re right!

That is a greeting that is distinctive around here. People walk past and say ‘You’re right!’ and I stand there and say ‘Yeah!’ I don’t think that is correct response. I think you have to say ‘You’re right’ back. I am never quick enough though.

We went to Dublin this weekend. It was very fun. I went with the 5 Canadian teachers from the island. I sang them ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and interpreted the words for them. They took ‘tucker bag’ to mean stomach and so when they were hungry they would say ‘I need to put something in my tucker bag’ or ‘My tucker bag needs filling’. I thought that was funny. You should try it out at home to make their incorrect cultural assumption retroactively accurate.

Dublin has a lot of public art. That is very cool. There was a ship that was ‘drowning’ into the pavement. It was awesome. We went to Christ Church Cathedral which was over 1000years old. That was really cool. There was a mummified cat and rat. They ran in to the pipe organ in the 1800s and were discovered years later. Awesome. We also saw the heart of a particular Saint that was put in an iron box 600-700 years ago. We also saw the crypts of certain other saints. There was a guy there who was singing opera. It was actually really cool.

We went through a lot of the city and did some shopping. We went to the Temple Bar which has been there for heaps of hundreds of years. That was quite fun. We drank Guinness which apparently tastes better in Ireland than anywhere else. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t drunk it before. It tastes a bit like Vegemite at first.

The next day we went through more of the city and went to the Guinness factory. As we got closer and closer we were overwhelmed with the smell of fermentation. The factory itself was more or less just a factory.

All in all I think that the weekend has flown by. It was very fun and I’d definitely do it again. But I was knackered this week at school. 1 day left.

Yesterday something very fantastic happened. The Biology Technician is leaving the school. She lives on the mainland and has been driving one car from her house to the ferry. Getting on the ferry, getting off and driving a different car from the ferry to school. Her new job is on the mainland so she doesn’t have to have two cars any more. Jon Paul overheard her organizing to take the car to the scrap yard and said, ‘We’ll have it’. So, she gave us her car. It is a 1996 Vauxhall something. It is diesel. We went for a ride. All the other teachers are jealous. Jealous!

I will send you pictures. More crazy Halloween pictures please. Pictures of Dublin will come... they will come. Oh... I have had some spam comments but up on my journal regarding penis enlargement. Look back through the archives and see if you can spot them.

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Oooh, Lucky you... Penis Enlargement comments - I'm sure it's what you've been waiting for! I'm sorry that you're getting these - it's why we've got the Image Capture bit below - to try and stop Spam-bots posting that kind of crap. But if a human has the time to writeit in, it's harder to patrol. Sue - if you want to get rid of them, go to 'Comments' in the Publishing tools and you can tick the checkboxes next to the ones you don't want , and then hit Delete button.
Hope this helps.

  crustyadventures Nov 12, 2006 2:41 PM


"Desire that could go they somewhere I spoke Russian so it could make a title in Russian"
I spose that means like you wanted a title in russian but you couldnt find Russian.
I have to do stocktake at coles on saturday night. Its gonna suck but this time I have my mp3 player. It is 6 gigs and i only paid $250 for it and it was $300 on sale but i got a further discount cos i didnt have anymore money on me. Its background changes colour every day.
Speaking of colours me and helen got our auras photographed today and im spewing because mine was red AGAIN! And helens had all these colours which wasnt fair. The lady told me not to listen if someone told me red was bad, as if i would walk around with the photo showing strangers and asking for there opinions. Crazy lady.
Daniel is mourning the retirement of one of Wrestlings great retirees Mr Rey Mysterio. All that flippinmg around was taking its toll. He's also eagerly awaiting the release of Raw VS Smackdown 2007 in which Eddie Guerroro is a Legend, who is on my t-shirt right this second. Viva la rasa!
Last night Mel was talking about how lately actor are being outed as gay and we think Elijah Wood might be next. Keep an eye on it.
Your no longer the number one most coommented journal. Some negative vibe merchants called 'the nomads' are beating you. I think we show lay some smackdown on them!
33 days till I leave to see you. You better get on ordering an ostrich egg or two for my arrival.
Dads been pruning the trees all week but didnt tell mum cos she'd get mad but luckily mum hasnt noticed the mangled trees and the brances on the curb. Maybe she might notice now. I have to stop now. Now I dont, but I will. Get better soon!

  Ebony Nov 12, 2006 8:50 PM


Hi Susan!
I was just speaking to you!

I mentioned that I was now in a rockinrollin band. What I forgot to mention was that the working title for the band is 'Milk' .... What do you think? Personally, I am a bit undecided.

Nevertheless, rockin the loungeroom is great fun and I get to set up my drum kit and talk about bands all the time.

Staying up late for band practise has cumulated in me getting a little bit sick - a cough and the sniffles - more annoying than anything.

My housemate Ben went to Sydney on Thursday night and saw the U2 Concert. He was very excited about it before hand but I havent spoke to him since. He rang
me from the concert just before the supporting act came on - Kanye West! I am not sure how his bling would go down with the foaming at the mouth U2 fans but it would have been quite a show.
Ben is then going up to the gold Coast for another 10 days for holidaying, he is with his cousin Nat.

Meanwhile, back at home, Cale has just about finished painting the house, so it
all looks pretty "Hollywood" (the word of choice for approval of quality) around our parts.

OK, and Im done

  Tim Nov 12, 2006 9:11 PM


bonjour suzie, ca va? i'm learning french, i can't say very much yet, except that brad pitt is american, i'm sure it's really going to help when i'm lost in the streets of paris! i got a flat tyre the other day, i was afraid i wouldn't put the spare on properly & it would fall off as i was driving down the road, so i made the rac man come out & change it. ebony's coles doesn't love me! we went to see the nightmare before christmas in 3D on halloween, the movie is cool, but it's not worth seeing in 3D, cause they didn't add anything to the movie to make things jump out at you, the best bit was the example of what 3D looks like at the start. what do you want for christmas suzie? we need some idea's. i'll hand over to helen now.

  Meli Nov 12, 2006 9:36 PM


ES που ήταν ελληνικά. Πολύς δεν έχει συμβεί δεδομένου ότι μιλήσαμε μερικές στιγμές πριν. Πρόκειται να πω μερικές λέξεις ramdom έτσι ώστε θα διαμορφώσουν ένα αφηρημένο ποίημα, ένα ακόμα και περισσότερο αφηρημένο ποίημα όταν μεταφράζεται πίσω στα αγγλικά. Μπανάνες που αγκαλιάζουν τα ρομπότ από τις λαβές στις πηγές που τρώνε τα τετραγωνικά καυτά ζαμπόν, λουλούδια που ρέουν γρήγορα από το συνοφρύωμα των βατράχων ενώ τα άλογα λικνίσματος κάθονται δυστυχώς, αργά να ταλαντευθούν. Θλιβερός.

  H Nov 12, 2006 9:47 PM


The Final Episode EVER:(SING)"Tiffany Road, where I will never, Tiffany Road, roses are forever, Tiffany Road, makes all your hopes shine through... ooooh."
Deep voice over: (For this episode, the role of Cindy Cindington will be played by Madonna.)
A veritable montage of quick cuts set to an Air Supply soundtrack of surgery operations slash photo shoots combos. Susette has just emerged from the operating theatre, wiping the blood off her face, as she has just conjoined four quadruplets together. They were all plainclothes bus ticket inspectors, and having to share a back whilst walking down the aisle(isle) was much more convenient. It would make an interesting spin off series.
The twins were quickly bustled off to the photo studio for the latest Jean-Paul Gaultier collection.
Susette had only just resharpened her knitting needles when she was confronted with a large crowd of people. Felicity-Alexandria was frantically waving a bouquet. Sam the firefighter who is trying to break into modelling had obviously been running, and part of his uniform was still on fire, and was looking as if he had something vital and urgent and immediate to express, and could not be held back any longer. A mysterious stranger was holding a tattered photo and comparing her face. A patient was holding a lawsuit.
"This is NOT how I envisioned my wedding day" flicked Susette, as she adjusted her veil. Cindy Cindington stood in the corner, holding an empty pie tin. Susette strode purposefully to the surgery slash hair and make-up room that had been converted into a chapel, with the crowded masses weakly trailing behind.
Felicity Alexandria stood by the chapel doors, handed Susette the bouquet, asked her if she was okay and she looked great and how she hoped the dress made Susette looked fat, but that was only because she was VERY jealous. Susette prepared to step onto the large glass swan that would take her down the church aisle.
Suddenly, Susette is grabbed on the arm. The stranger approached with a photo, and studying Susettes plain but beautiful face. "Mum?"
Suddenly Suette is grabbed on the arm. "Do you think that you could just sign this dear?" A little old lady offered Susette's autobiography "How to Look Plain Yet Beautiful Without Really Trying" and a pen. "My grandson Xavier is sucvh a big fan."
Suddenly Susette is grabbed on the arm. Sam the firefighter who was trying to break into modelling stammered "Um. Susette. I don't know how to break this to you, this is probably not the best time but the hospital slash model agency is on the fire. We only have five seconds to escape."


  The Soapy Sphinx Nov 12, 2006 10:41 PM


It was good to talk to you on Sunday. It was hard to be cameraman with such a large group of people- we should have all sat in a one metre square vicinity. I am sure our images our imprinted onto your consciousness anyway (No? WHY NOT?) so therefore the webcam is purely token. It was good to see YOU.
Can you see how obedient we all were and dutifully took it in turns to write as SOON as we had hung up, which made it tricky seeing as we had just used up all our interesting stories actually talking to you.
Last Friday night was the Senior School Dinner Dance, which is always the talk of town. A coupla teachers went through kid's cds and scanned out the ones with bad language to play on the night, and then a Year 11 said- "Oh, I brought my dj gear", and promptly played about at most ten seconds of the most eclectic radio song mix you've ever heard. I believe I caught 'You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings.' Believe it or not, the whole night was fun though. I didn't get belle of the ball, but I beat her up afterwards.
Before I forget, I am sure you are stressing about it - I am up to 'Under the Sea' from the Little Mermaid soundtrack on my mp3 player alphabetical songlist. Don't laugh- the song kicks buttux. Did you realise it has taken me over four months of intermittent listening?
Hope that has fulfilled your life.

  Simon J Nov 13, 2006 11:56 PM


Yo Susie Cheese! Do you realise that no one has written since I last wrote seven days ago? Is that because I am a tough gig to follow, or did I kill the party? Either way, it's pretty abysmal, anmd I'm breaking the drought.
Did you know we are in a drought at the moment? I happened to mention that to a group of art students at school, washing out brushes with taps going full bull like Niagara Falls, and they stared at me as if to ask what does drought mean?
On Sunday, Perth was the grand host to some kind of plane race over the Swan river. We watched it from the 656th floor of Belinda's building in Central Park- the view was cool. The planes were timed to go twice thorugh a circuit around some cones and do a loop- we lost interest pretty quickly. Luckily we were sitting with people that make friends in about ten seconds, and tell stories about sailing down the Nile and people in government departments hiding all their difficult work in the ceiling overhead.
Helen was taking notes about that particular story for some reason....
One Canadian girl who works on Belinda's floor (the lift goes up at 300k's an hour, so much so that your face actually stretches out like in those g-force tests) asked me where my accent was from. I was bewildered. We worked it out later that I was from Gosnells.
Only a couple of weeks left at school, which is kinda nice. Today, I found out my timetable for next year, which is kind of a relief- I DON'T have to teach Health, which for some reason was my biggest nightmare.
I was just wondering- 'emo's' have overtaken Perth, not that anyone would admit to being one, but are they on the Aisle of Wight, and do they have cultural variations? This is a pressing concern Sue that you, as wordly wise and widely travelled, must address.
Last Friday we went to see 'The Prestige' which was mind-cavingly brilliant. It was the first time in a long time that I thought and talked about a movie for more than five minutes afterwards- we spoke non-stop for at least half an hour. The waiter at Han's had to come up to us three times before we were ready to order.
All is good Sue. Keep it burning. S.J.

  Simon J. Nov 21, 2006 9:50 PM


Saw The Prestige last night.

Don't get out much to the movies these days, so it was good to see The Prestige, cos we didn't feel like we wasted the opportunity.

It's by the same guy that made Memento. It is not quite as good I reckon, but still excellent.

Worth seeing if you only get to see one movie a year.

Strangely enough, the one movie we saw last year was Batman Begins... (same director).

Sue, I am just using your blog as my blog. But rest assured, its good to hear you are alive. Thanks for making my blog so well read.

  Ezra Nov 22, 2006 10:04 AM


Dear Susan,

Just a few observations:

1. I am still alive

2. I have just seen the picture of your mother's dancing squids. They are hilarious. She is very clever.

3. We went to the Halloween party too, but we were late because Roger had to work. I didn't realise till the next day that some of the people who comment in this journal were there. Helen and Ebony did a good job.

4. I tried to get the internet to translate the posting in Russian? that Helen wrote. But it just translated the rest of the page into English which it was in already. Could someone please translate it. Also that bit in Spanish or Portuguese or something.

5. Susan, I'm glad you're having fun (you know, the noun, probably abstract)

6. I wish I could write something which no-one else can fully understand.

7. I have been having thoughts sometimes which, when I think about them, I can't remember them. Kind of like dreams, but I am not asleep. Or am I?

8. Does anyone else think Gerard Depardieu, Tony Jones (ABC) or Tobias Moretti are sexy?

9. We saw 'The Prestige' too, yesterday. Pretty good, really makes you think.

10. Is it a compliment to have breakfast when staying in a hotel?

Bye for now. Keep it real.

Love Janet

  Janet Nov 23, 2006 2:56 AM


Janet, how could anyone not think this man is sexy? (Gerard Depardieu)

That was a simply glorious comment, I take off my hat to you.
I don’t think you are too far off writing something no one else can fully understand :)

My previous comment is in Greek, keep in mind that it doesn’t make any sense in english either.

I just got back from my job interview, for the job I have been doing for the last year, I better bloody well get it.
I am also moving offices, I should be doing it right now but I am lazy and it is hot.
I have to move due to some illdefined occupational health and saftey breach of the building I am currently in. Oh to work for the government.

  H Nov 23, 2006 6:25 PM


Here we go. I was the one with my stomach hanging out and an awful blue striped tie...

"ES that was Greek. A lot of it has not happened since we spoke certain moments before. I am to say certain words ramdom so they will even shape a abstract poem, a abstracter poem when it is translated behind in the English. Bananas that embrace the robots from the handholds in the sources that eat the square boiling hot hams, flowers that flow fast from synofry'wma the frogs while the horses of ljknj'smatos seat unfortunately, late talanteycoy'n. Dreary."

  Simon J Nov 23, 2006 9:21 PM


I told you.

  Helen Nov 24, 2006 12:09 AM


I have just discovered that Boy George was in an episode of the A-team. It was super strange. They met to get a 'Cowboy George' but accidents happen. There are also episodes with Hulk Hogan, Rick James and Isaac Haynes. There was also a little snippet of the British Bulldog before he was the British Bulldog.

I have time on my hands cos my back is broken. Daniel is a lousy slave.

  Ebony Nov 24, 2006 11:14 PM


otı nane eıste bre paıdıa lol sas lebe katı kaı lete allllaaaaaaaaaaaaa eleossssssssss ante olo kkvroeıdeyete ante lol dhladh na eımaste lıgo an8rvpgoxı zvaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:::

  ELENH NINAKI Jun 16, 2010 11:58 PM



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