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Bratislava, Slovakia

SLOVAKIA | Wednesday, 9 July 2008 | Views [928] | Comments [1]

So as the movie "Hostal," was supposedly filmed here we had an interesting first encounter.  There was a girl waiting at the platform that the passengers of our train exited by handing out flyers for a hostal that she works for.  We had not made reservations yet, so we took her up on her offer, a doubles room for (30 U.S.) and free transportation.  As we followed her to the taxi I asked Katie.. "Isn't this how the movie starts?"  lol!  I checked the car door on teh taxi before I got in to make sure that it would open if we got moving... of course it did.  Obviously it was no danger to choose this hostel, it was a more organized happening than I have time to write but... we have found out why it was so cheap and why there was free transportation.  Upon entering our room, we documented our experiences by video camera as we ususally do, during this time we filmed a cockroach crawling around on the sink (later seeing another bigger one crawl;ing through the vernts on the door) and it also took us about 55 minutes to walk to the center of the city.  The hostal is ghetto!  Straight from the 50 communism era.  I'm not sure what this building ever was, maybe an apartment or dorm building or something.  Anyway, we got past the dissappointing stuff when arrived in the coty center.  Very impressive, very clean, a good European feel to it.  We ate dinner at a very cool traditional Slovakian restaurant.  The food and atmoshere were excellent... 

Well, I hate to cut it short but, our train leaves at 4.00 am tomorrow and we have to leave here in 3 hours.  I'll post some pictures and write more later!




Hey!! What about Katie's foot? I'm waiting with great anticipation to hear about her foot and nothing! I will check her blog next. I remember a cockroach coming out of a vent in my first apt. that looked like a Madagaskar (Sp?) hissing cockroach. I called the landlord in the middle of the night and he had exterminators there the next day,YUCK! Check your bags before you unpack them at home, please. love you.

  Sharon Jul 10, 2008 1:02 AM



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