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Belgium, mussels from Brussels, right?

BELGIUM | Wednesday, 25 June 2008 | Views [1566] | Comments [2]

Sorry guys a short entry today, Ive spent all my time talking to ,y old youth pastor in the netherlands...

Still in Belgium, Today we had some Belgium Waffles, Fries from the true birthplace of fried potatoes (french fries, but of course they would be called Belgium Fries) and some Mussels from Brussels, they were awesome! That was a funny revelation for us, we met these cool dudes from Southern CA. Ray and Charles, nice combo right (whats up brothers! how is Paris?) and we were sitting in the commons area and somone said something about the three of us guys having Muscles and we were like Mussels from Brussels!! (Bobby, hold the comments! lol) Anyway, we also sampled a few of the 2650 different beers that one bar had alone. They are in the guiness book of world records... We have now moved on to Antwerp, we were going to stay here 2 days but, we have accomplished everything that we wanted to accomplish in Belgium... so why stay, we are going to Amsterdarn tomorrow. 15 countries under my belt now.

By the way... my masterlock caribeaner lock somehow changed it's combination on it's own why my bags were locked in a locker in our hostel locker room... I needed my stuff so I squeezed and twisted it, and it broke... Yeah, I'm a beast!  lol.  Seriously though.

(Northwest Ashleys, im glad you guys got on, how is everyone? Tell Kristine we got to Andorra and loved it! Say hi to the kids!)




fine not really im gonna post on everyone rather you like it or not lol...that sounds cool has anyone tried to take your bag yet lol

  Bobby Jun 25, 2008 9:12 AM


Hey Dev:

Sounds like all is going well. It sounds like your pace is more hectic than our trip to Belize. Are you exhausted yet?

What is the favorite make of motorcycle that you have seen? Any Harley's touring Europe? I have really enjoyed riding my bike since we got back from Reis Bio Station. I even got Mom out one morning for a short drive to the Youngdahl Conservation Area. I had hoped it would become a common activity but she is concerned about Harley not being able to join us on our walks... she did not like my suggestion to tie his leash to the saddlebags and let him run alongside us!

I leave tomorrow AM for the Current River with my Canoeing class. I hope we miss the rainy weather that southwest MO has experienced lately. I hear the river is great for floating with about double the water average over the last 6 year.

Monday AM we fly to Ashtabula to visit Gramma. Wish you could join us.

Take care ... trust nobody and look out for one another.


  DCA Jun 26, 2008 3:31 AM



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