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Luxembourg for the kings the party

LUXEMBOURG | Saturday, 21 June 2008 | Views [794]

So out of 365 days of the year we just happened to enter the country of Luxembourg on the kings birthday.  Where a party is carefully planned in which the entire city attends and transforms itself into one big... (I don't know if there is a word for it) Those of you from St. Joe, if you can imagine a high class/European Trails West...(I know I know, just imagine it.) But multiplied by the weight of the Euro compared to the dollar? Its crazy! So much techno and dancing, everywhere you went, you could not get out of hearng of one music tent before you came in eashot of another. Most of the time they just overlapped... I surely made up for the techno that I've been lacking for the past few weeks. There was this one lady that walked through the techno tent and had her fingers sticking in her ears and had a hilarious-scared look on her face, (I tried to replicate it in my photo album"Luxembourg".) It was surprising to see the little kids that were being walked through the area, there were some not so wholesome things being represented there. There were oy scouts and girl scouts running around too, which I thought was odd. I remember a group of gay guys that obtained bananas and hoked them to the belt loops and then they were grinding up and down on each other... very open. At 12.00 or so there was a huge fireworks show that lasted about 25 minutes or so. I got some shots of what it looked like from our room. There was another bulding in the way of me getting a really good shot. I have a few pictures in the photo galery though. For entering the city with such uncertainty, it turned out to be a prety cool place. Oh yeah we had Chi Chi's for dinner... I'd never have guessed, McDonalds yeah, KFC, maybe, but ot Chi Chi's! lol

Devin the Luxem-bourger, the city searcher, the train hopper, yes, oh yes, the techno walker.



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