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Photos: David_photogallery_Gangtok6

INDIA | Monday, 4 Jan 2016 | Photo Gallery

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The Day After the Day Before

INDIA | Monday, 4 Jan 2016 | Views [310]

I've just reread my previous blog and even I got bored. Too much navel gazing, so apologies to those who went through that. Today I shall, despite the title, recapitulate the last few days as I've got behind. So, right now I am listening to what sounds ... Read more >

Tags: farewells, monasteries, monopoly, parties, snooker

The Nub of the Matter

INDIA | Sunday, 3 Jan 2016 | Views [290]

It's been a few days since I logged a fresh blog. Not since New Year's Eve which might supply an explanation. I don't want to go into it too much but this was my first 'party' New Year's Eve for a while. I spent it with my new firends from the New ... Read more >

Tags: live music, monastery, new year, party

Photos: David_photogallery_Gangtok5

INDIA | Saturday, 2 Jan 2016 | Photo Gallery

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New Year's Eve - Sikkim

INDIA | Thursday, 31 Dec 2015 | Views [283]

Had someone told me last year I would be in Gangtok this new year's eve,  I would probably have replied that I should doubt I'd be in Thailand. Well, this evening I shall be in Gangtok, Sikkim, sharing my new year (I hope and unless things go ... Read more >

Photos: David_photogallery_Gangtok4

INDIA | Thursday, 31 Dec 2015 | Photo Gallery

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Dave Yakwood

INDIA | Wednesday, 30 Dec 2015 | Views [221]

Last night I christened two furter items that I have so far lugged around North India to no end. These being my 'lightweight' sleeping bag and silk cocoon inner sheet. I'm glad to say that I consequently had a snug night, only waking at 5.30 am to the ... Read more >

It's not so bad, not so bad..

INDIA | Tuesday, 29 Dec 2015 | Views [205]

My room is not so bad after all. Even though, with three fairly thick blankets, my toes remained cold night to morning and it was sufficiently chilly for me to forego getting up and going to the loo on three separate occasions. However, it's a good size ... Read more >

Photos: David_photogallery_Gangtok2

INDIA | Tuesday, 29 Dec 2015 | Photo Gallery

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'Live and Loud'

INDIA | Monday, 28 Dec 2015 | Views [325]

The picture with this blog was taken from my hotel balcony. That's as good as it gets. This is the cheapest room I have got so far (500 rupees) and, well, you get what you pay for. At the moment there is no running water and it's bleak and cold. However, ... Read more >

Tags: cold, hotels, travelling

Master Lam with Shears

INDIA | Monday, 28 Dec 2015 | Views [234]

Today was definitivley my last day in Kalimpong. I got up a bit earlier than normal to do chi gung, take a shower and pack my ruck sack (a job I detest) so that I would also have time to pop down to the post office (not that you can 'pop down' in India ... Read more >

Tags: hair cut, post

'Live Young and Free'

INDIA | Sunday, 27 Dec 2015 | Views [274]

Live Young and Free is just one of many 'slogans' you can see around here stuck to the top of the windscreens of lorries, jeeps and the small people carriers that are so popular. Others read like 'Jai Ganesh', 'Om Mani Padme Hum', 'Siddartha' and so ... Read more >

Tags: hospitality, momos, monasteries, mountains

Photos: David_photogallery_KalimpongXTime

INDIA | Sunday, 27 Dec 2015 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: David_photogallery_Kalimpong6

INDIA | Saturday, 26 Dec 2015 | Photo Gallery

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Happy Christmas (no marks for originality)

INDIA | Saturday, 26 Dec 2015 | Views [397] | Comments [2]

Hi All, A very brief blog to wish you all a very happy Christmas. I'm very grateful to have such loving family and friends and very appreciative of it. I've had a good day in Kalimpong today, a lie in populated with mysterious and snowy dreams, ... Read more >

Tags: christmas, family

Photos: David_photogallery_Kalimpong5

INDIA | Friday, 25 Dec 2015 | Photo Gallery

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In Kalimpong a day too long?

INDIA | Friday, 25 Dec 2015 | Views [313] | Comments [1]

I am probably at my lowest ebb yet on this trip. Nothing terrible but I'm feeling a bit lost and lonely.  I could have titlled this blog Facing Mount Kanchenjunga but fear it lacks originality. Yesterday I took a taxi (300 rupees) to the top ... Read more >

Tags: gompas, loneliness, monasteries, mountains, panoramas

Not Facing Mount Kanchenjunga

INDIA | Wednesday, 23 Dec 2015 | Views [246]

Today I asked Kamal, the caretaker at Deki Lodge, where Mount Kanchenjunga lay. Not to my surprise he pointed behind me. So it seems that, unlike the title of one of Sangharakshita's memoirs, I am backing on to Mount Kanchenjunga of which I have only ... Read more >

Tags: resting, rupas, shopping

Photos: David_photogallery_Kalimpong4

INDIA | Wednesday, 23 Dec 2015 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: David_photogallery_Kalimpong3

INDIA | Tuesday, 22 Dec 2015 | Photo Gallery

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