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Gone Again It is a long drive from Colorado to Panama and back. Anything can happen.

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A photo of us, Pirimide del Sol, Teotithuacan

A photo of us, Pirimide del Sol, Teotithuacan

Officially we are senior citizens.  We have been retired since 2003 and since then have been almost continually on the move.  our first 'big' trip was 4 monhts in southern africa, mostly as volunteers at the de wildt cheetah centre near pretoria, south africa.  next came 6 months of camping our way through australia and new zealand.  we like to combine our travels with volunteer work when we can so last year we lived in uganda as volunteers for the jane goodall institute, the experience of a lifetime.  we continued our travels for another 6 months in kenya, tanzania, ethiopia, egypt, gulf coast counties, jordan, israel and turkey.
Why do we travel?  There are so many cliches - "It's a big world." "Because it's there."  Our motto is "It's not that life is short but that you are dead for so long!"  In our trips we try to combine a spirit of adventure, a quest for understanding and a desire to 'give something back' in whatever small way we can.

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