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Last Days for Gene in Bangkok or 1st visit to Khao San Rd

THAILAND | Monday, 19 Jul 2010 | Views [389]

Gene never responded to the request to write, so I will leave that for the future. We headed back to Bangkok for a night cap at the Pickled Liver with Sophie. A bit of a foot massage. Gene tells me I was snoring. Hmm! Molly Malone's is down the street ... Read more >

Cambodia And Gene

CAMBODIA | Monday, 12 Jul 2010 | Views [525] | Comments [3]

This is my 3rd trip to the temples, Gene's 1st. It has always been hard to put in words what the temples are like. Maybe I can get gene to guest write his observations. I know he was blown away by the site.  I guess I will focus on what was a little ... Read more >

Tags: cambodia

Bangkok and Gene

THAILAND | Friday, 9 Jul 2010 | Views [336]

I hate to say most of my world travel are like Disneyland, but how else to related to them in an American sense? My little trip outside of Bangkok was just that. Gene's work connection took us to his bottling factory and gave us a tour. The trip afterwards ... Read more >

Tags: river run

The end is here

USA | Saturday, 29 Aug 2009 | Views [375]

The last two days are upon me. I am running around buying a few things, packing, and saying goodbye. The goodbyes mostly entail a group of friend wanting to take me out for food and drinks. The Thai's like to start late and the expats start early, but ... Read more >

The End is Near

USA | Sunday, 23 Aug 2009 | Views [420]

What's to like about Thailand The people in Thailand are very good people. They are friendly, wanting to know where you are from, your family and what it is like in your country. Thai's in large are poor and don't have the opportunity to travel or travel ... Read more >


USA | Wednesday, 19 Aug 2009 | Views [534]

Bangkok Bangkok  has a Chinatown like many major cities. It is the richest part of town. Why? Well the majority of the gold is sold here. Its a place with winding alleyways filled with all the trikets sold in others areas. The items are in bulk, so ... Read more >

Cats and Dogs

USA | Monday, 17 Aug 2009 | Views [373]

Walking home one late night, far from the house, it started to spit rain. I quicken the pace home just to find that the rain becomes a downpour, and it lasted for about two hours. During this time my phone and camera, which are in my jeans, are slowly ... Read more >

Mother's Day

USA | Wednesday, 12 Aug 2009 | Views [388]

Stereotypes The English male - The "soccer fan": He is loud, so he thinks he is the cock-of-the-walk. Tats on both arms and a bald head is another sign that you have encountered one. Racist is his point of view. The part you got to watch ... Read more >

Half Way Point

USA | Saturday, 8 Aug 2009 | Views [400]

Jon is arriving in Bangkok on Friday. Start off with a sundowner, try some outdoor place for a cocktail. The night will be long, but I think Jon and I will manage. We have both been to Bangkok before and in fact he is the one that first brought me here ... Read more >

Postcard for normal

USA | Tuesday, 4 Aug 2009 | Views [448] | Comments [1]

I am declaring my jetlag over. It took a week and a couple of days, but I am on Thai time. That doesn't mean much, because people here don't stick to their committed time. I haven't experienced anyone come early to a gathering, but certainly 1 to 3 hours ... Read more >

Ten Minute Update

USA | Friday, 31 Jul 2009 | Views [367]

While here I got an apartment and it is on Soi 11. The street has two    7-11's, they are the Starbucks of America, one on ever corner. I have a 24 hour supermarket. The street has the two trendiest clubs in the Bangkok area, "Q" Bar and Bed ... Read more >

The internet is Slooooowwwww, today

USA | Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009 | Views [405]

This will be a quick one, I am still slow and so is the internet, but things are good. The trip started at LAX, where after many hours of carefully crafting all things neccesary for an oversea trip, I open my wallet to find my credit card and ATM ... Read more >

Hong Kong Days

HONG KONG | Monday, 25 Aug 2008 | Views [432]

The last 6 days have been very busy. Day One: Jon picked me up from the airport and had plans all ready for me. A trip to his house in Sai Kung and off to Deep Water Bay for a few drinks on Ty's Junk at sundown. It was Ty's birthday so dinner with 15 ... Read more >


HONG KONG | Thursday, 21 Aug 2008 | Views [394]

Sat most of the few days in Bangkok and just enjoyed the friends I have made and met in this city. My friends whether they be locals or expats have been great to me. I will miss them. While here I have been offered a job, {I decline. }danced the night ... Read more >


THAILAND | Friday, 8 Aug 2008 | Views [453] | Comments [1]

Admid the many birthdays this summer I found time to celebrate mine. I kept it low key. I stepped into the Pickled Liver around 10:30 PM for a drink. At 11 PM I said to Nick the owner that this was the second time I celebrated my birthday at the PL. Now, ... Read more >

Down Time

THAILAND | Saturday, 2 Aug 2008 | Views [482] | Comments [1]

Just been taking it easy in Bangkok. Hanging with friends. Drinking a beer or two. A foot massage. My stomach is doing great. Funny thing about that is I am thinking about going to Cambodia, Phnom Penh and my travel book says that 75% of street food ... Read more >


LAOS | Wednesday, 23 Jul 2008 | Views [584] | Comments [2]

Last full day here and I am starting off the day writing this blog. I am better today than yesterday. After a long nap in the room, it was out to get some comfort food. The pizza I had hit the spot. The rest of the day will have me walking around, shopping, ... Read more >

Laos, Vientaine

LAOS | Tuesday, 22 Jul 2008 | Views [508]

Flew to Laos for about 300 US. I am staying 5 days and 4 nights. I have never been, so I am just playing it loose. I got in around 12 noon to my guest house. I used the extra day to walk around the city. I hate getting lost and this is the one day ... Read more >

What happened to my last entry?

THAILAND | Monday, 14 Jul 2008 | Views [480] | Comments [1]

I guess my last babble about my trip did not make these pages. I was going on how last week was definitely "rainy season" for Bangkok. The city's high raise building were covered in grey clouds. It rained day and night. I compare that to my ... Read more >

What you get for 78 dollars US

THAILAND | Thursday, 3 Jul 2008 | Views [545]

I can guess what you are thinking. I am in LOS, so you might be leaning towards the seedier side of this country. I say rise your head out of the qutter. I went to the dentist. I found a US trained doctor (not USC). My visit first consisted of him taking ... Read more >

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