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Chaos theory

CHINA | Wednesday, 23 Apr 2008 | Views [587]

My classes are generally a random conglomeration of my students' reactions to things I say or do. I plan, but things often don't go exactly as I plan. And any teacher will tell you that there is a LOT of improvisation that goes on in a classroom.... Read more >

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Trying not to laugh out loud

CHINA | Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008 | Views [609]

Midterms basically suck for me. I'm stuck in a classroom having mini-conversations with nearly 40 students for an hour and a half. They get to leave after two minutes, but I'm there the entire time trying to deal with the bull shit they're trying ... Read more >

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Three fourths done

CHINA | Monday, 21 Apr 2008 | Views [526]

I'm giving my second round of midterms this week. Most of my students...wildly impressive. But there, of course, are a few outliers. One student didn't understand the question so he just talked about what was on his mind. I don't take off for ... Read more >

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Train wreck

CHINA | Wednesday, 26 Mar 2008 | Views [594] | Comments [1]

This morning class was a disaster. A full on rocket ship explosion during the countdown. With a woman, a monkey, and a child on board. And like a years supply of tomatoes that just wouldn't burn. Awful. I will be the first to admit that my knowledge ... Read more >

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So much candy

CHINA | Monday, 24 Mar 2008 | Views [541]

I have officially spent more time planning for my classes this semester than I did all last semester. And I'm only three weeks in. I just had lunch with another teacher, Kiri. She's also teaching the culture class, so we're working together to plan ... Read more >

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This is your mind on university

CHINA | Tuesday, 18 Mar 2008 | Views [659] | Comments [2]

My university experience took my mind and inflated it with a bicycle pump.  Then, it turned it inside out, poured acid on it to make it melt, and blended it to a pulp.  Then, it poured it into a mold, slightly different from the previous mold, and baked ... Read more >

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CHINA | Monday, 3 Mar 2008 | Views [566]

I've been accused of being an over-planner.  I kept a planner from high school throughout university.  I wrote EVERYTHING in it.  It was almost like a journal.  I kept all of my planners and am able to look by and see exactly when I went somewhere or ... Read more >

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Evaluation of Frank Sun and F & S Education

CHINA | Thursday, 24 Jan 2008 | Views [3665] | Comments [7]

To whom it may concern: I would like to express formally my feelings toward F & S Education, the China Internship Program, and Frank Sun. Firstly, I want to state that my overall experience in China has been wonderful ... Read more >

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Remanded and redacted

CHINA | Thursday, 10 Jan 2008 | Views [1393] | Comments [2]

Yesterday I was all grim because I didn't get a report card this semester. Today, my cheeks are sore from smiling about my role as a teacher. This, as it turns out, must be what it's all about. An email from a student whose English name is Wundt:... Read more >

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Another day completed

CHINA | Tuesday, 18 Dec 2007 | Views [622] | Comments [1]

There was another young Chinese girl crying today, and this one was my fault. I gave back the presentation grades.  She's an excellent student, but she didn't do that well on the presentation.  She screwed up the group work portion and lost lots of ... Read more >

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They weren't lying...

CHINA | Friday, 30 Nov 2007 | Views [451] | Comments [1]

...when they said you'd eventually use the math classes they force you to take.   Years of complaining about my potential as a starving artist being wasted away on pointless math classes has finally been proven wrong.  I just used every single bit of ... Read more >

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Match making

CHINA | Tuesday, 6 Nov 2007 | Views [447]

I think I created a couple. A few weeks ago, I broke my students into groups and made them do presentations together. I didn’t think that there was a chance that these students didn’t know each other; they have all their classes together. But at ... Read more >

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A Friendly Debate

CHINA | Monday, 5 Nov 2007 | Views [482] | Comments [2]

All the rest that I achieved yesterday in lieu doing anything else must have paid off. Class today was amazing. I had briefly prepared a few things from the book that I wanted to cover but most of it was boring. And I knew that. But being occupied ... Read more >

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Hanging ten

CHINA | Friday, 2 Nov 2007 | Views [475]

Exactly one week since my first couch surfing experience, I will enjoying my first hosting experience. So it's not really strangers; it's Case and Mario. And, yes, they live in Beijing. And maybe they're freeloading to avoid paying a ridiculous ... Read more >

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Why I'm nervous

CHINA | Tuesday, 16 Oct 2007 | Views [573]

For the past few weeks, I haven't gotten nervous before class a single time. I've read over the section of the book we were working in and gathered my materials, preparing slightly for what was to come. Most of my classes went very smoothly considering ... Read more >

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The Look

CHINA | Monday, 15 Oct 2007 | Views [635]

Besides for bargaining, my mom taught me something else that has come in useful in China. Travis refers to it as The Look. I'm not sure that's an original name. I think The Look has been handed down from powerful females to the next generation of ... Read more >

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A Lesson in Chinese

CHINA | Monday, 24 Sep 2007 | Views [591]

So far my Chinese lessons have been trying to communicate with street vendors, ticket takers, and random people who I ask for directions. I know the numbers, directions (north, south, east, west), how to ask how much something is, thank you, hello, ... Read more >

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