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CHINA | Thursday, 10 January 2008 | Views [1496] | Comments [2]

Yesterday I was all grim because I didn't get a report card this semester. Today, my cheeks are sore from smiling about my role as a teacher. This, as it turns out, must be what it's all about.

An email from a student whose English name is Wundt:

"All examination ended and a long holiday begin
I can relax for a period
I don't return to YUNNAN province which I am from in hurry, now,I want to stay with classmates about a week in Beijing
Maybe we will go shopping or go to park, just doing something together .
Still remember on your first lesson ,I felt very nervous when you ask me to read or a question.Later I always wanted to hide in the back of a classmate,in order to out of your sight, contrary to what I think ,you always ask me .I thought it made me embarrassed when I cannot answer the question.
The best thing is that I do not feel intense any more though your asking and practise given in this term !
I am very lucky for your student to spend this time with you!
How about your vacation?Are you return to America or stay in china!
Maybe the developed America is attractive!
Have a good holiday!"
I'm glowing. Absolutely beaming with a sense of accomplishment. Even if only this one student is appreciative of my efforts, it was all worth it.

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i know the feeling and glad you get to expierence it also. it helps nuetralize the other type feedback you get from disgruntled students. take the good with the bad. times like this make it all more than worth the effort-love pop

  pop Jan 11, 2008 3:30 AM


i'm happy for you. i wish i was doing something productive with my life

  gabe Jan 11, 2008 5:31 PM



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