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We must go.... ...live to feed the hungry, stand beside the broken.

Trip: FlorCarico

There are [21] stories from my trip: FlorCarico

I'll love ya tomorrow

USA | Saturday, 28 Jul 2007 | Views [501]

Ah, tomorrow. We start our final project of the summer. Collegiate. I am SO excited about this one. Approx. 90 participants, all college aged or above. So, basically, it should be a breeze. It should also be really intense and worshipful. These ... Read more >

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Gallery: Goodbye Puerto Rico

PUERTO RICO | Thursday, 26 Jul 2007 | Photo Gallery

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3 down 1 to go

USA | Sunday, 22 Jul 2007 | Views [784] | Comments [1]

So, we are finished with our job here in Puerto RIco. As of now, we are in San Juan for a couple of days until we fly out on Monday to Atlanta. This Puerto Rico experience has been nothing short of aw-inspiring. And last night could have been one of ... Read more >

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Snorkel Snorkel

USA | Friday, 20 Jul 2007 | Views [615]

So, as you can assume by the title of this blog, I went snorkeling yesterday.  I went with the rest of the staff and a few church groups who decided to spend their day off in the beautiful Caribbean (why would you NOT?!)  It was such an insane experience!  ... Read more >

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USA | Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007 | Views [488] | Comments [1]

Hola! Sorry, friends and family, that it has been so long since I've updated this thing.  Puerto Rico has been busy and the internet is not exactly ubiquitous here.  Dial up.  Is slow.  No wireless for me.  Oh well-this won't be long because it is most ... Read more >

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Gallery: puerto rico/rain forest

PUERTO RICO | Thursday, 12 Jul 2007 | Photo Gallery

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One down, three to go

USA | Saturday, 30 Jun 2007 | Views [634] | Comments [2]

Alright folks...sorry it's been so long. Here's the scoop in a nutshell.... Approx. 375 kids! insane! They were an exceptional bunch of students and adults, though. I do not believe that I have been around people who were more receptive to the spirit ... Read more >

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Here we go...

USA | Saturday, 23 Jun 2007 | Views [569]

Alright, well, we started tonight.  Or early this evening, rather.  Craziness, thus far!!  Approximately 400 students!  It's an insanely huge project!!! And it's hot as all get out here in Ft. Walton Beach.  The students arrived today between 2 and 4.... Read more >

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Well...vacation time is over

USA | Wednesday, 20 Jun 2007 | Views [794] | Comments [2]

Well, we finally left New Orleans! It was fun....but I'm glad we're out of there. We went to Pensacola and stayed in an awesome hotel for a few days and then came here to Panama City where we are staying in my great grandparents' old house. We have ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Gallery: The Beaches and New Orleans

USA | Tuesday, 19 Jun 2007 | Photo Gallery

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On the Road Again...

USA | Wednesday, 13 Jun 2007 | Views [563] | Comments [1]

Well, today we left New Orleans (YAY!) and made our way to Pensacola. We stopped at Lambert's and ate with Bill Kisner (our assigned National Staff person). DELICIOUS! i ate WAAAAAY too much! Also, our 4th team member came back to us today after spending ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

the office

USA | Saturday, 9 Jun 2007 | Views [457]

SOooooo....we finally started working with Operation Noah yesterday.  I'm back here today and i honestly have NO idea what I'm supposed to be doing.  BUT....yesterday-i made name badges...all day....for 8 hours....no joke.  it was awesome.  In all honesty-... Read more >

Tags: Work

Missing my Florida team

USA | Wednesday, 6 Jun 2007 | Views [506] | Comments [2]

Well....we left yesterday and drove to Mobile, AL. I'm sitting in a La Quinta hotel room, getting ready to pack it up and move it out to New Orleans for about a week. We are going down there to work with Project N.O.A.H. (disaster relief). So.... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation


USA | Saturday, 2 Jun 2007 | Views [425] | Comments [2]

So...tonight was AWESOME!!! I led worship tonight. I sand "God of Justice." That song is just...RIGHT. We must go Live to feed the hungry Stand beside the broken We must go. WOW! There were people crying. They had stopped singing. Tonight ... Read more >

Tags: People

Gallery: training

USA | Saturday, 2 Jun 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Training Thus Far...

USA | Saturday, 2 Jun 2007 | Views [535]

WOW!....i think that's a fair way to start this entry about my training. Here's an idea of what a typical day at training looks like: 6:45 am: get up 7:00-7:45 am: breakfast 7:45-8:15 am: crew devotion 8:15 am-12:00 pm: training 12:00-1:00 pm:... Read more >

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2 Corinthians 5

USA | Sunday, 27 May 2007 | Views [545] | Comments [1]

Good Morning!! Just thought I would write and share the joy of the Word of God that I received this morning! 2 Corinthians 5 A lot of this talks about not being "at home" in our earthly bodies, but being "at home" in Christ. Then in verse five, ... Read more >

Well, I made it...

USA | Saturday, 26 May 2007 | Views [530]

...to Cleveland, GA, anyway. I'm here at Truett-McConnell College, just chilling because I am at training a day early. Long story... Anyway-the people here are AMAZING. I've already my team's Audio/Visual/Team Leader and he is great! We are going ... Read more >

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Gallery: Atlanta Zoo and Holy Nose

USA | Saturday, 26 May 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Playing with the MacBook

USA | Friday, 4 May 2007 | Photo Gallery

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