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We must go.... ...live to feed the hungry, stand beside the broken.


USA | Saturday, 2 June 2007 | Views [428] | Comments [2]

So...tonight was AWESOME!!! I led worship tonight. I sand "God of Justice." That song is just...RIGHT. We must go Live to feed the hungry Stand beside the broken We must go. WOW! There were people crying. They had stopped singing. Tonight was just so Spirit-filled and i KNOW it...i messed up words and chords and I babbled at the beginning and the Lord still moved. He overcame me and I worshipped. It was beautiful! When i stepeed off the stage, I LOST IT! I didn't even have time to take my guitar off. I just buried my face in my hands and cried...harder than i've cried in a while. The Holy Spirit was just rushing on me and I couldn't stop. For about 4 or 5 minutes (while Ben (another Music Leader) was singing). It was intense. But it was just such a beautiful moment! The Lord is moving.... If you're reading this, please continue to be in prayer for my team and I and the kids and adults that we will come in contact with in the next week. We leave out in 2 days.

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Rest assured that I am praying and we all here at Bethel will be praying for you across the next weeks. We serve such and awesome and powerful God. It is such a wonder that he can take our broken, weak, and feeble attemps and use them in such powerful ways. Read I Cor.1:26-31

  Bro.Rick Jun 6, 2007 7:11 AM



I dont know who you are or where you're from, but I just wanted to sing/listen to this song hence, I googled it and here I am to your site. =)

God sends people from around the world to speak to others. And I just want to say that God is moving everywhere. I am from Loughborough, UK, and indeed God is moving here. Now is the time to move with Him in Spirit and in truth.

Every little thing that we do, makes a difference and plays a role in the bigger picture. Sometimes we may not see the result instantaneously, but in time we will.

Its like planting a seed, you will not see the fruits the next day. Keep at nurturing your seed that you plant and the fruit will follow in due time.

Keep up the faith and seeking God! We must go!


  David Foo Feb 11, 2009 7:45 PM



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