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We must go.... ...live to feed the hungry, stand beside the broken.

Trip: Casper, WY

There are [7] stories from my trip: Casper, WY

Gallery: Yellowstone

USA | Friday, 4 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Quick Story/Update

USA | Sunday, 29 Jun 2008 | Views [611] | Comments [3]

We are finally done with this Casper project and are now relaxing in our hotel about 5 minutes away from the school! ha we head to Yellowstone tomorrow (which i will update about later - the way that we got there is quite miraculous!) anyway - so ... Read more >

Gallery: Casper, WY

USA | Thursday, 26 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Welcome to Casper, ya'll!

USA | Thursday, 26 Jun 2008 | Views [676]

Well...we're halfway done here. This project has been difficult for us as a team for several reasons. One of those being that we just have not been as energetic or excited as we were in Gallup...which is the nature of the beast, i suppose - to be ... Read more >

Colorado Rockies

USA | Thursday, 19 Jun 2008 | Views [663]

Well - we finished our project in Gallup and, honestly, I am glad to be out of New Mexico. It was just so dry there and dusty and I am thankful to be in a different climate and environment. (Now in Denver, CO) We went to the Grand Canyon a few ... Read more >

Gallery: Colorado

USA | Wednesday, 18 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Grand Canyon

USA | Sunday, 15 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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