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Wander & enjoy the diversity...it feeds your soul “What is more miraculous than the moment?” Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh

Trip: USA

There are [24] stories from my trip: USA

Apply the Dao...

USA | Tuesday, 26 Sep 2023 | Views [56]

Apply the Dao Now   "I trust the right person will meet me where I am.” If this mantra resonates with you, say it aloud now. Spend a minute with it. Feel into what it would mean for people to meet you right where you are.

Tags: be in the now

Caregivers, Nursing Assistants, Immigrants...

USA | Sunday, 7 Jan 2018 | Views [500]

For several years, after I had traveled and taught English in Mexico, India, and Thailand, I taught healthcare English to immigrants and refugees in a classroom setting.  I developed curriculum, teaching materials and activities that could not only ... Read more >

Tags: caregiver, immigrants, nursing assistant

Photos: Caregiver

USA | Sunday, 7 Jan 2018 | Photo Gallery

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Help the children

USA | Saturday, 17 Mar 2012 | Views [860] | Video

Please watch the video & help as you are able.  Yes, I know there are thousands of causes...so pick the ones that are closest to your heart.  

Tags: child abuse, children, human rights, invisible children, kony 2012, night-walkers

Marshall Islands - nuclear testing

USA | Saturday, 3 Mar 2012 | Views [921] | Video

What can we do?  How can we help the islands now?  See more information at: Unnaturalcauses.org -  http://www.unnaturalcauses.org/video_clips_detail.php?res_id=79

Rick Steves - The Value of Travel

USA | Thursday, 12 Jan 2012 | Views [903] | Video

Although he may have stated some of these concepts before, it is well worth the 20 minutes it takes to see his Ted Talk video.

Clinton Global Initiative

USA | Tuesday, 27 Sep 2011 | Views [881] | Comments [1] | Video

After being on the road for 4 months interviewing high school graduates in economically disadvantaged parts of India, Nepal, Vietnam & Cambodia, Kirsten compiled findings for her part of the report titled, “Through Their Eyes, In Their Voices” ... Read more >

Republic of South Sudan declares its independence!

SUDAN | Saturday, 9 Jul 2011 | Views [1108]

This Saturday, July 9, 2011, the Republic of South Sudan declares its independence and a new nation is born. Women for Women International welcomes the creation of this new republic as a victory for the women of South Sudan.  Why?   Because for the ... Read more >

Japan..."We hold you in the LIGHT"

JAPAN | Tuesday, 22 Mar 2011 | Views [1192]

In thinking about our friends in Japan and the thousands that we don’t personally know, we feel helpless to really do anything significant, other than donate to an organization like the Red Cross and attend a candlelight vigil.   But we believe ... Read more >

Tags: earthquake, japan, prayer for japan, tsunami

3/8 - International Women's Day 2011

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | Views [1076] | Video

3/8 International Women’s Day 2011 – let’s celebrate awesome girls (like those in this video from Room to Read's program in Nepal) & women all over the world!   Embrace those in your life!  March 8th is not only International ... Read more >

Tags: girls, international womens day, room to read, women

from Sweden - "As It Is In Heaven"

SWEDEN | Monday, 7 Mar 2011 | Views [1326] | Video

LIVE in the MOMENT!  What a marvelous movie & story!   Open your heart while helping others to open theirs as well!   Another beautiful song - Fly Away With Me:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb9EU_JqIOw&NR=1 Another version with English ... Read more >

Tags: choirs, finding your own strength, live in the moment, love, march 8th, opening your heart, sweden, swedish movies, women, womens international day

We Are The World - for Haiti

HAITI | Wednesday, 12 Jan 2011 | Views [444] | Video

It has been a year since the 7. earthquake hit Haiti on Tuesday, January 12, 2010.  So many other tragedies since, but they still need help.   http://wearetheworldfoundation.org/

Congratulations to Nithya and Vali!

INDIA | Friday, 21 May 2010 | Views [1016] | Video

This video was a wedding present from the dance group to Nithya & Vali for their May 2010 wedding!  Kirsten & her friends put this video together for her roommate Nithya!  They filmed all over Chennai, India & then finished their dance ... Read more >

Tags: ballywood, chennai, india, indian wedding dance, kirsten

'Ready to Read' AID India program - Chennai, India

INDIA | Sunday, 20 Dec 2009 | Views [1940]

A preface to Kirsten’s message below: As you may know, Kirsten has been in southern India, intermittently for many years.   She is presently working on an educational project to help poor students learn English, so they can follow their ... Read more >

Tags: chennai, children, children acting & video, donating, india, reading, teaching, teaching english, tefl

Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, OR

USA | Sunday, 12 Jul 2009 | Views [930]

Their Mission: “To provide a safe and potent environment where people can renew and evolve in ways they never imagined.” 3/19-3/22/09 My husband & I went to enjoy nature, the hot spring pools, cozy cabins, & organic vegetarian meals.  We never ... Read more >

Tags: food safety, gastroenteritis, hot springs, nature, norovirus, oregon, stomach flu

Blogs I recommend & enjoy!

INDIA | Wednesday, 3 Jun 2009 | Views [958]

Kirsten's personal blog: http://www.sistak.blogspot.com/ Kirsten's educational work in India: http://aifservicecorps.blogspot.com/2008/12/day-in-life-of-by-kirsten-anderson.html My TEFL course site (I took my TEFL in Mexico): http://www.teflcertificatecourses.... Read more >

Tags: education in india, india, kirsten, tefl - teaching english as a foreign language

Sokcho, South Korea - on my way to visit Kelsey!

SOUTH KOREA | Friday, 26 Sep 2008 | Views [1220] | Comments [1]

In a few days I will be on my way to see Kels, who is teaching English in 2 schools - a primary and a middle school!  Can't wait to see her & meet her students & other teachers! And to taste some of that Kimchee!!

Tags: beaches, mountains, sokcho fall festival, teaching english

Gallery: Summer 2008

USA | Wednesday, 3 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

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What I did this summer...

USA | Wednesday, 3 Sep 2008 | Views [2579] | Comments [4]

Many are headed back to school this week, so here is my "What I did this summer" essay: ‘Family-centered’ summer, 2008 Sister & Nephew’s visit to Portland: Following Elliott Cole’s (my nephew/sister’s son) graduation in May in Birmingham, ... Read more >

Tags: family

Birmingham, AL, USA - Elliott's graduation!

USA | Wednesday, 28 May 2008 | Views [888]

What fun it was for us - my daughter, Kirsten & my husband Chuck - to be at Elliott Cole's (my nephew)highschool graduation in Birmingham, Alabama!  It was also a chance to celebrate with Elliott's proud mom, my sister, Bobbie and my brother, Jim ... Read more >

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