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My Asia I fell in love with Cambodia in 2002. I am fortunate enough to now be able to enjoy regular trips. I hope you enjoy following me and that the information is useful to some!

Trip: Thailand and Cambodia take 6.

There are [11] stories from my trip: Thailand and Cambodia take 6.

Phnom PenhRoyal and then home!

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 6 Oct 2012 | Views [440]

A lunch time drive back to PP, no Dara this time but a very capable driver, no english was spoken so l dose all the way!  I'm staying at the Mekong Boutique Hotel this time, a gorgeous place with only 14 rooms near the Pencil Supermarket.... Read more >

Kampot - AGAIN!!

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 3 Oct 2012 | Views [719]

Directly to Kampot with Dara, the second best driver in Cambodia (Sameth being the first), he hcatted all the way and was a lvoely trip. To the Riki and a big hug from Denise, Bory and the gang! Yay l am home! I see Dom the nest day, btu sadly he is ... Read more >

Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Phnom Penh

CAMBODIA | Monday, 1 Oct 2012 | Views [343]

I had booked months ago the flight from Chiang Mai through to Phnom Penh with Bangkok airlines. It was certainly the most direct and easiest way to do the trip even though it cost me over $300 Aust!!!  Tuk Tuk out to the Airport and easy check ... Read more >

Old city Walls of Chiang Mai

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Views [497]

Today l have decided to walk the entire city walls, take in the huge gates and see what l see!  Pats Klang Viang is in such  a handy location and its only a short walk to the end of Phara Pokklao and along Bambrung Buri, the Chiang Mai gate ... Read more >

Lila Thai Massage

THAILAND | Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Views [832]

Finally l have found THE place! After having my spine most certainly damaged by the elbows of Mrs Eeee and her buddies earlier in the week, and walking down some streets on my way to the night market where no one offers me a massage!  They are clearly ... Read more >

Shopping in Chiang Mai

THAILAND | Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Views [466]

Before l left home l made a list of all the places l was hoping that l would get to.  Think I've done that list proud!  Night Bazaar , have been up to the night market two nights now, and have hardly bought a thing other than my dinner! ... Read more >

Doi Inthananon National Park

THAILAND | Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 | Views [1031]

Booked a day trip to Thailands highest peak. The cost was 1000 baht, which included lunch and a Few stops as well. I think you can book this at any of the hundreds of agents along the streets and they phone through to someone and you are on a mini ... Read more >

Thai massage

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012 | Views [995] | Comments [1]

In Chiang Mai on every corner in the old city at night and some time in the day, you are offered massage! I am sure every fourth shop is also " massage for you lady", I have been offered more massages that tuk tuk's. but l did have a great ... Read more >

Elephant Nature Park

THAILAND | Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012 | Views [598] | Comments [1]

There is'nt enough room to write everything about this place, so l will try to keep it brief! www.elephantnaturepark.com opened in 2003, but Lek the founder had been working and saving elephants since the late 80's. it is a haven/ refuge for mis treated ... Read more >

Chiang Mai

THAILAND | Sunday, 23 Sep 2012 | Views [578] | Comments [1]

Once again very smooth flight and service with Air Asia to Chiang Mai. Got taxi at airport taxi counter, 120 into the city. The ATM fee was more than the taxi! Almost 5 Aust! Staying at Pats Klang Viang on Phra Pokklao street right across from Wat Chang ... Read more >

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One night in KL

MALAYSIA | Sunday, 23 Sep 2012 | Views [1057]

My first solo trip and all good so far. Air Asia from Gold Coast to Kl and left on time and arrived 30 minutes early. Been to this airport so many times it is a breeze now. Cut through the duty free shop, got my bags, cash out at ATM and out of here.... Read more >