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Chiang Mai

THAILAND | Sunday, 23 September 2012 | Views [594] | Comments [1]

Once again very smooth flight and service with Air Asia to Chiang Mai. Got taxi at airport taxi counter, 120 into the city. The ATM fee was more than the taxi! Almost 5 Aust! Staying at Pats Klang Viang on Phra Pokklao street right across from Wat Chang Them, hope the monks don't get up too early. 

I have never been to an Asian City that virtually closes on a Sunday. Went for a walk and the place was so quiet. Anyway took in  a few sights, Wat Chedi being a spectacular golden temple, and a few smaller one's along the way. Pats is in what is called the old city, part of the walled city. The Tha Pae gate being very bloody big! Their are at least 5 gates, some not really much to see anymore. Although lovely to imagine it in its full glory.

Had to have an afternoon nap, as l had walked for over 2 hours and it stiffling hot,needs to rain. Up and off again but first a peppermint tea to cool me. 

Thxe Sunday walking street is a must for all lovers of markets, it starts almost in front of Pats and l thought was just on Ratchadamnoen Street, but it seems to spill to every side street, alley way, temple or spare piece of ground! Amazing. Starts at 5 and goes through to about 10 a 11. There is L sorts of things going on, so much food! Lots of smoothie stalls and after ages kilometres it does all begin to be the same. My purchases were a cd by a man playing a bamboo pipe! Tiger Balm and coconut oil! So out of about 5 k's of market that was all that inspired me, l could just imagine PETA here, she would have bags full! 

Enjoyed a lovely meal and cocktail while being entertained by a traffic police man, he just had the whistle in his mouth and  it was as if it was his voice, very entertaining as he bossed about the Tuk Tuks, taxis and pedestrians. 

The noise, colours and smells of this night market are truly lovely, but time for my weary feet to have a good soak and Tiger Balm! 

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Loved the Sunday Walking Street. So much to see and EAT!!! Hope they're looking after you at Pat's. Great place to stay.

  Lindee Sep 26, 2012 8:08 PM



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